NASFAT calls for calm and tolerance among Nigerians ……remain peaceful and law abiding


NASFAT calls for calm and tolerance among Nigerians

……remain peaceful and law abiding

Zainab Tanimu  —-Kaduna

The Nasirul-Lahil Fathi Society of Nigeria, NASFAT Kaduna branch has called on the people of Kaduna state and the nation at large to remain peaceful and law abiding as no meaningful development can strive in a chaotic situation.  It called for tolerance among Nigerians and the need to eschew bitterness and co-exist peacefully with one another irrespective of religion, culture and regional differences.

The chief Missioner of the branch, Imam Muh’d Marooph Raji in a special Jummat prayer at NASFAT village had called on all Muslims observing Hijra this year to follow the teachings of Islam and the tradition of prophet Muhammad (SAW) in spreading love and care amongst one another, adding that ” good Muslims are those who tolerate and support their neighbors; and should never be among those involved in act of terrorism or an act capable of jeopardizing the unity of the country.

The people of Nigeria he said have come a long way irrespective of all odds as such cannot begin now to think of tearing apart.

“We have been together as one for a long time despite the situation we found ourselves as a nation. It is stated in the holy Quran that, “coming together to form one body makes you strong. So, yearning for tearing apart of the nation can never be the solution”.

In his sermon titled, ‘the significance of Ashura ” Imam Marooph enjoined Muslims to emulate the Sunnah (practices) of the holy Prophet Muhammed (saw)   by partaking in the fast. The incidence that brought into being the fast was brought to light as he stressed the importance of the Ashura fast.  “When Prophet Muhammed (saw) got to Medina, he met the Jews and Christians fasting. They always fast on the 10th of Muharram and the prophet (saw) asked them the reason for fasting, and the reason given was that it was on that day that Allah saved their prophet;  Prophet Musa (Moses) from the hands of pharaoh.(the king of (Egypt).  By such deed, Allah they said saved the whole Israelites.  The fast they said was meant to give thanks to Allah. The Prophet (SAW) touched by their action had replied.  “Prophet ‘Isa’ (Jesus) and Prophet Musa (Moses) are dearer to us than you”. Then the Prophet immediately commenced fasting and commanded the entire Muslim Ummah to fast on this great day of Ashura. That is the 10th of Muharram for Allah’s blessing.


Earlier, during its Sunday Asalat, the Mission Board members had conducted a special prayer for sustainable peace in Kaduna state and the nation at large to mark the World peace Day.  In his admonition, the Chief Missioner charged members to live an exemplary life. Living according to the tenets of Islam which he stressed should be reflected in their deeds and actions.  Islam he said is a religion of peace. He urged Nigerians to imbibe the spirit of love and togetherness as a way of strengthening peaceful co-existence.  He cautioned people against acts capable of disrupting peace citing the recent incident in Kaduna caused by rumor mongers that almost  disrupted the peace being enjoyed in the state as people started running for their dear lives. This action he described as unacceptable since such could lead to mistrust and further divide rather than unite the people.

Instead, energy should be channeled on ensuring good governance. He called on Nigerians to pray for their leaders to be of good service to the people.

“Let’s be committed to prayers. We need peace and tranquility, safety and security. If there is safety, our business would grow”.

On the issue of restructuring, Imam Raji in his sermon said the clomour for restructuring will never stop, in as much as the country experiences changes in governance and development unfolds, pointing out that the only panacea to peaceful coexistence is tolerance.

“There have been several calls for restructuring and several committees have sat for this restructuring, but the call for restructuring will continue from today till eternity because every need comes as development comes. So, we need to come together to a round table and negotiate  in peace, and discuss what we are clamoring for.” he said.

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”Agitation for good standard of living cannot be achieved through restructuring or breaking apart ,  because we see some country like Liberia, Sudan and Libya, who seceded but see what they are going through,” Raji cautioned.

Instead, energy should be channeled on ensuring good governance and provision of quality education, health and better living for Nigerians.

He called on wealthy individuals to touch on the lives of the poor and the needy for whoever extends his wealth in the way of Allah would earn the blessing of his creator. One such program commended being the ‘I CARE INNITIAVE’ Program of the Former, Vice President’s Wife, Hajiya Amina Namadi Sambo which despite her exit from office still continues to provide succor to the poor and the needy.

He enjoined Nigerians to cultivate the habit of praying always for their leaders to be fair, just, and have the fear of God in the discharge of their duties as prayers are the key to every problem.

“Let’s be committed to prayers. Let’s cultivate the habit of praying for our leaders. We need peace and tranquility, safety and security. If there is safety, our business would grow”.

The Chairman, Nastrul- Lahil-L-Fatih Society of Nigeria (NASFAT) Kaduna branch, Engr. Muhyideen Yusuf in his message has called on Kaduna residents to remain peaceful and law abiding. He stressed on the need to eschew bitterness and live in peace with one another irrespective of their tribes and religion.  Only when there is peace can development take place. He maintained.


Engr. Muhyideen charged the youths to remain patient and understanding and should resist being used by politicians and enemies of the country to cause crisis. Their own children are never seen on the streets. He cautioned.

“Our youth should realize that the common enemy facing the country is poverty. The present administrations inherited lots of problems as such the need to be patient and pray that Almighty brings solution to our problems and not by violence.”