2023: PRP ‘ll Move Kaduna From Consumption To Productive State – Hayyatudeen 


2023: PRP ‘ll Move Kaduna From Consumption To Productive State – Hayyatudeen


Zainab Tanimu
Kaduna Northwest Nigeria
The People’s Redemption Party, PRP has promised to change the present Kaduna state’s status by moving it from
consumption to productive state.
Not only that, they will also move the young people from the world of complain to the world of action.
The 37yrs old Gubernatorial candidate
Hayyatudeen Makarfi, made this revelation during an interactive session with the leadership of labour unions across the state, held at Nigeria Labour Congress secretariat, Kaduna.
According to the young, articulate and foresighted candidate, the youth has all it takes to bring about change. Saying,
“l need my elders blessings.”
His party’s three points agenda, the quantity surveyor Hayyatudeen assured,  if given the chance will help in restoring the state’s lost glory.
“The PRP is focusing on 3 points agenda which are Social Justice, Economy and Human Capital Development.

We have carefully selected these three so that it is easy to accommodate by everyone, easy to remember and we can easily be held responsible.
 “We have decided not to include insecurity and corruption as we have seen over the years as part of the agenda of most of those vying for political offices either at national or state that they are all fallout of failure of the government.
Explaining further,
“We want to run a government that will move the economy of Kaduna from the consumption state to a productive state so that the bulk of the goods and services are being produced rather than people travelling out. In that way more jobs are created and youth restiveness will be resolved.

Citing examples of nations that have made it through their resource oriented approach , he said.”Nigeria especially Kaduna, we should begin to produce everything that we consume, and begin to export it. Just as it has been done in China, it has been done in India, l think if we can do it in Kaduna, we have the capacity to deliver and also the integrity to ensure that it works.Though challenging it might be, solving youth restiveness he said will go a long way in reducing the problem of insecurity thereby creating an enabling environment for private sectors to drive the economy.”We want it to be private sector driven because public sector cannot drive it.We need to create an economy that can create wealth.We want to move the young people from the world of complain to the world of action. It is high time our elders blessed us.

In order to ensure a guaranteed and sustainable education for the youth of Kaduna, the educational policy will be based on a skilled based education whereby as soon as a child finishes primary school even if the child doesn’t have admission to secondary school he/she will have something to fall back on.
“We want to move from education that does not need garbage in, garbage out’.
All we need is the political will to drive the process.
“If you do graduate from the university, you should be employable. Today, most of the graduates we have in the universities are not employable, they don’t have skills”.
For example, a mechanical engineering student with a first class hardly will he be able to fix a car that has engine problem.
This is the reality we are being faced with.
As for the labour force and womenfolk, the party is taking into cognisance their needs of both the Kaduna labour force and the womenfolk.
PRP founding father, late Aminu Kano, he maintained has always fought for the course of the masses, the poor, (Talakawas) who he felt should be genuinely represented at all levels of governance as a way of reflecting their yearnings and aspirations.
Such uprightness and good quality leadership are legacies they are keeping alive.
The Guber candidate worried about the existing division in Kaduna state where people live along religious and ethnic divides said every possible step will be taken to see that all is well again.
“We want a unity government. If by the grace of God we get there, we will unite the people.
Uniting the state across religious divides, discongesting our prisons, guaranteeing the implementation of local government autonomy are among those things we are discussing in terms of social justice.
We hope that at the right time, we are going to invite everyone, all the stake holders in Kaduna to unveil our policy document for Kaduna. We want to make it a document that is sustainable.
Chairman, Nigeria Labour Congress NLC Comrade Ayuba Magaji Suleiman, while  fielding questions from journalists shortly after the event commended the PRP Guber candidate whom he described as a material for change.
According to him, “he has made a very wonderful presentation and convincing one. So as a congress, we are through the political committee see to his  presentation. Peruse it, scrutinize it and at the end of the day we engage him more so that we can see what he has in stock for the people.
He said the exercise of engaging political candidates has added value to them.
“A number of them gave us a lot that has enriched our knowledge. They gave us a lot of education on politics, about life, and we are happy with that. Even if that will be the only achievement, l must say, we have achieved something.
But the bottom line is that we want to see the formation of government where our plights and interest will be protected. Welfare of workers is of paramount importance. This is just a process and we are just starting the process. It is our intention to interrogate more, and take part more in the process. He stated.

Hayyatudeen Makarfi, a product of Tafawa Balewa university, was a one time  Special Adviser to Governor El- Rufai on Due process.and also held other leadership positions that avails him experience on governance.

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