PRP ‘II Rekindle Lost Hope – Hayyatudeen 


PRP ‘II Rekindle Hope  – Hayyatudeen

Zainab Tanimu

Kaduna Northwest, Nigeria

The People’s Redemption Party PRP has promised to restore the hopes of the people of Kaduna state if given the mandate to occupy the NO1 seat come 2023 elections.

 The PRP Gubernatorial candidate, Hayyatudeen Makarfi made this revalation   while unveiling his party’s 3-point agenda at a media parley organized by the Nigeria Union of Journalists Kaduna Council for candidates vying for political offices across Kaduna State.

The party’s 3-point agenda tied on Social Justice, Economy and Human Capital Development he said is the surest way to bring Kaduna state out of the present deplorable condition.

“We are looking for a free, fair elections in 2023 that will usher in new crops of leaders.”

Kaduna state the party flag bearer said has all it takes to take it to greater heights if given the right leadership drive.

“In terms of resources, human and otherwise, Kaduna have been blessed. But in terms of who leads and manage effectively these resources that the Almighty has given so that we move away from insecurity, we move away from restiveness, joblessness of the youth, we move away from low status of our educational system, poor health system as well as all other sectors of the economy is the problem.

The leadership of the PRP with its 3-point he assured will proffered the needed solutions.

“We have carefully selected these three so that it is easy to accommodate by everyone, easy to remember and we can easily be held responsible.
 “We have decided not to include insecurity and corruption as we have seen over the years as part of the agenda of most of those vying for political offices either at national or state that they are all fallout of failure of the government.

With regards to the economy of the state, he stated that rather than being a consuming state where virtually everything is gotten from outside, resources will be directed towards producing the needs of the people.

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This he said will create more jobs which in turn will help solve the issue of youth restiveness. Nations like China, India did same too to get them where they are today..

“We want to run a government that will move the economy of Kaduna from the consumption state to a productive state.”

Once youth restiveness is solved, it will help reduce the problem of insecurity and that will create an enabling environment for private sectors to drive the economy. He assured.

“We want it to be private sector driven because public sector cannot drive it.
We need to create an economy that can create wealth.
We want to move the young people from the world of complain to the world of action.

“Nigeria especially Kaduna, we should begin to produce everything that we consume, and begin to export it.”

To improve the educational system to a sustainable one, the educational policy will be skilled based so that once a child finishes primary school even if the child doesn’t have admission to secondary school he/she will have something to rely on.

“We want to move from education that does not need garbage in, garbage out.”

Today, most of the graduates we have in the universities are not employable, they don’t have skills”.

The Guber candidate also expressed worries over the existing division in Kaduna state where people live along religious and ethnic divides.
“We want a unity government. If by the grace of God we get there, we will unite the people.
PRP government is an inclusive one where it promises to carry everyone along including the women.
And to the labour force, the era of mass retrenchment will be a thing of the past.
Every possible step will be ensured to foster unity amongst the people of Kaduna state.
PRP leadership is keeping the legacies of the founding father of the party, late Aminu Kano alive. Hayyatudeen stated.