The Downtrodden is My Concern – Uba Sani


The Downtrodden is My Concern – Uba Sani

Zainab Tanimu

Kaduna, Northwest Nigeria

The All Progressive Congress (APC) gubernatorial candidate, Senator Uba Sani is Senator representing Kaduna Central at the upper Chambers.

A human rights activist who has been in the struggles for years.

His being at the Senate he said is to pursue the course of the downtrodden.

This course he promised to translate into action if by the grace of God he emerges victorious as governor of Kaduna state at the 2023  general election.

He disclosed this while showcasing what he has in stock for the people of Kaduna state

during an interactive session with the leadership of labour unions across the state, held at Nigeria Labour Congress secretariat, Kaduna.

The national assembly is not meant for people to go and pursue contract like some do, he said. Those given opportunities to serve should do the needful because that is what will speak for them in future ” like what did you do when you were this or that? How have you imparted on the lives of the people?
Some Gubernatorial candidates from other parties ( his opponents) PDP, LP, NNPP who had the opportunity to serve at the Senate he said never sponsored any bill.
The party flag bearer within his short stay in the Senate has sponsored 31 bills out of which 7 have been assented to. He described Kaduna state as the most important state in northern Nigeria as such every possible best needs to be done to keep it at par and united.
“I was the one that sponsored a bill to amend the national human rights Act. l did that because l realized that the one we have at the moment is obsolete and not inline with the global best practices. Why did l do that? To bring the rights of the disabled and the youth. As l am speaking with you, the bill is progressing. If you are talking about rights, you are talking about democracy, you are speaking of justice, you have to look at the needful.
Before l leave the Senate l will make sure that three more of my bills are ascented to.” He stated.
Under his watch education will get more attention. He noted that the educational system in the north and the issue of ‘out of school children’ need to be nipped on board if they have to get it right as a people.

“Out of the total 13.7 million out of school children in Nigeria, 72% are domicile in northern Nigeria. What is the problem?
 “Except we get those children back to school, we will remain where we are and the educational gap between the north and south will continue to widen.
It is not about tertiary education. Basic education is the problem in northern Nigeria. We have to create an avenue where we can equip our youth, with technical knowledge.
“I can assure you, that this is the area l am going to focus. That is why my own foundation, ‘Uba Sani Foundation’, every year, we spend about N50m towards supporting girl child education and education generally for the poor and the down trodden.”
He commended governor El- Rufai’s step in the area of  girl child education.
Responding to the issue of exodus movement of health workers from the health sector, which he raised concern about, he said.
“We must create an enabling environment to stop the exodus movement of health workers from the state.” When he is there, come 2023, doctors and health workers salaries will be looked into.”
He gave example of his medical center in Rigasa meant to cushion the effect of the poor and down trodden.
The state promises to open up more opportunities that will help boost the economy by having more people financially equipped. Part of this is being driven through the provision of soft loans as well as encouraging small medium enterprises. He said.
Also promised, the APC government is going to be an all inclusive one saying, this is already evident in the El- Rufai’s administration whereby a woman is the deputy governor.
With regards to the plights of labour in Kaduna state, all is well because measures will be put in place to enhance cordial working relationship. There is going to be a synergy whereby both can work closely to find solutions to their problems.
Speaking on security matters which he said is very dicey, rather than politicising the issue, he advised that security agents be allowed to do their work while urging for the corporation of every Nigerian.
Notwithstanding that much has been done by the federal government in the area of  insecurity, there is the need to find another means which according to him, is, the introduction of the state police.
“We cannot solve the problem of insecurity in Nigeria except we come together to agree that we will create state police in Nigeria. How many police do we have in this country?  We need not less than 3 million police in this nation. So, let me be frank with you, that is the only solution.
“That is what happens globally. Many countries have federal and state police. So, the creation of state police is  the solution to insecurity in Nigeria.
Unfortunately, the bill he sponsored on state police he lamented never saw the light of the day.

Speaking, Chairman, Nigeria Labour Congress NLC Comrade Ayuba Magaji Suleiman appreciating the Guber candidate and his team said the interactive session is an opportunity to interface with representatives of different trade unions across the state.

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He said labour Congress is comfortable with his antecedents and are ready for any social interface.

He described the gubernatorial candidate as a human rights activist, astute democrat and politician to the core.

“We are open for dialogue, we are ready for negotiation. He said.