…Says, I have the visionary leadership

Zainab Tanimu

Kaduna, North-West, NIGERIA

Kaduna Peoples’ Democratic Party, PDP on Tuesday, received into its fold another golden fish as ex-National Emergency Management Agency’s (NEMA) Boss Sani Sidi declares intention to join the gubernatorial race.

His declaration was made known to party faithful who gathered in their large number at the party secretariat in Kawo Kaduna.

His main reason for the declaration being that of rescuing the state from total collapse as well as giving the people the opportunity to enjoy the dividend of democracy.

“My desire to run for the office of Kaduna state governor springs from my burning passion to rescue our dear state from systematic destruction we are currently witnessing by the present crop of heartless leaders whose only style of leadership is to make life unbearably difficult for the electorate that voted them into power.

“ Although they came on the mantra of change and fighting corruption, we have indeed witnessed a change but for the worst. The last three years of their leadership has witnessed corruption of monumental proportion never before witnessed in the history of our country. My aspiration is a rescue missions to save our State from further drift into total collapse.

“My vision for Kaduna state is one of a peaceful, united and prosperous state. God has endowed our dear state with abundant human and material resources, and one of my main goals is to provide the necessary visionary leadership that harnesses these resources together to transform the state for our collective good.

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Under my leadership, I will ensure the entrenchment of the Principe of Party supremacy where all of us are subjected to the supremacy of the Party irrespective of our political status.

“Mr. Chairman Sir, my coming here is to formally inform you of my intention to contest the governorship of Kaduna State in the forth- coming 2019 general elections on the platform of our great Party the PDP. This decision was taken after due consultations with my family, friends, political associates and key stakeholders across the State. I have come therefore to seek for your blessing and prayers.

In his words of commendation, Sidi had expressed appreciation to the Party Chairman and the Working Committee for their efforts in ensuring that the party remains intact despite all odds.

“I am here to express my appreciation to you Mr. Chairman and your working committee for all your efforts and sacrifices to ensure that our Party and the PDP family continue to remain virile, focused and united in spite of the myriad of challenges that continue to shake their fists before your faces.

“Indeed when it was apparent that the PDP ship was faced with fatal turbulence and many lily-livered leaders/members started jumping ship, you here at the state and our great National Caretaker Committee then led by His Excellency, Sen. Ahmed Mohammed Makarfi, a courageous and visionary leader of our time, a democrat per excellence, remained ever faithful, unshaken and resolute even in the face of clear danger and threats. It is this resilience of yours, our leaders that kept our Party from being devoured by wolves that disguised in sheep clothing.

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“It is for this your tenacity that we still have a party today called the PDP. It is for this your resoluteness that we still have hope for the common man come 2019, Nigerians are eagerly waiting for the PDP to bounce back and by God’s grace we will surely come back and set our people free from the chains of hunger, insecurity, digital corruption, misgovernance and backward leadership that we have been plunged into, especially in Kaduna state where the style of leadership is government of deceit by destroyers for family and friends.

In opposition, our party the PDP is still the biggest, strongest and most united. Our robust manifesto and virile constitution have become constant reference points for other parties.

Sidi in his speech has assured that whoever emerges victorious amongst them contesting for the gubernatorial seat would have his full support and blessings.

“I wish to call on all of us, especially my co-contestants, that whoever ultimately emerges as candidate of our party should be supported so we can ‘bring back’ our State. I am fully prepared to take the lead in this process.

“We are a Party that is reputed to have a robust mechanism for resolving internal conflicts following every congress. I know we will do it even better this Time around.  When we do this, we will take back our state from the jaws of misgovernance.  When we do this, we will be able to restore the pride and respect of our traditional and religious institutions that have been desecrated by an opportunistic leadership that seeks to destroy our common heritage.

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“We will stop the kidnappings, abductions, armed robbery and the general insecurity which have become the trademark of the present administration. We must save our educational system by training our teachers, provide good health care, develop our infrastructure and above all, unite our people.

While he thanked the party for their warm reception, the gubernatorial aspirant promised his continual loyalty to the party at all times.

“ I consider the warm reception you have accorded me and my supporters here as an honour and a rare privilege considering the short notice I gave you in the midst of your very busy schedules. It gives me great joy to be here in the secretariat of our great Party, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), to meet with our ever committed leaders and ever hopeful members. I remain forever grateful for the honour and privilege.

Mr. Chairman, I want to assure you that I will continue to remain loyal and committed to the Party in our struggle to regain our mandate.