My Dream is to restore the Glory of Kaduna Chapter of NiMechE –Engineer Ibrahim Bello


My Dream is to restore the Glory of Kaduna Chapter of NiMechE –Engineer Ibrahim Bello

Zainab Tanimu

Kaduna, North-West, NIGERIA

Engineer Ibrahim Bello is the newly elected Chairman of the Nigerian Institution of Mechanical Engineers (NiMechE) Kaduna Chapter.

The vibrant and promising Ibrahim was elected unopposed alongside other officers to run the affairs of the chapter for 2yrs.

In a brief interview with Zainab Tanimu of Newsreservoir, he opens up on some of the activities he hopes to put in place for the betterment of the chapter.


Sir, you have emerged victorious in the election held. Now that you are the chairman, what is your dream for the chapter?

You see, you cannot assume the position of leadership without having a plan, without having a programme. The first thing we are going to do is to consolidate on what the out-going Excos have achieved.

The second thing is to institute an elder forum. The essence of that elder forum is to tap from the experience of the elders of the chapter. They have worked very hard to bring the institution to the level it is today. We need to create a synergy between this Exco, the membership and the elders so that we can take the institution to the next level.

Another thing we hope to do is to ensure that members don’t just come for meetings and take minerals and cakes but wants to see that when you come, they would go back as a better person. They would go back well informed. We would ensure that we have a technical paper presentation every general meeting by the grace of God. We know it is not easy but we would try our best to ensure that it is done.

We would also ensure that we have at least two public lectures. This has not been existing for the past two years. We shall organize seminars and  trainings for members  so that they would not just come. They should come; get something and go with that thing. Basically this is little out of what we are going to do if we assume office by the grace of God.

How long has this chapter being in existence?

NiMechE Kaduna Chapter has been in existence close to 20 years now. It is actually a very old institution but we have seen a decline in membership over the years but by the grace of God, we would work to ensure that the glory of this chapter is restored. I am happy to tell you that out of the chapters of the Nigerian Society of Engineers NiMechE which is Nigerian Institution of Mechanical Engineers is the strongest chapter that the society has.

How has this institution impacted on the lives of the people? What is it all about?

Mechanical Engineering is one of the branches of engineering that you study in the higher institution. It deals with machines, how machines operate, the maintenance of machines and the design of machines basically. Like the Automobile, Automobile is just a branch of mechanical engineering. You cannot be a very good automobile engineer if you don’t have the basics of mechanical engineering.

There is also an aspect of mechanical engineering which is the aerospace. (something to do with technology of flight) You see, you must have the background of mechanical engineering for you to be a very good aeronautical or aerospace engineer. So, it’s actually a lot. In fact, there is a name for mechanical engineering which is, ‘the mother of all engineering’.

For those people who would like to read this course, what are the prerequisites?

Beautiful! If you want to study mechanical engineering in any of the higher institutions we have in this country or even outside this country, you need 5 credits in at least 5 subjects. The subjects are, English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and any other subject. Be it Biology, Government or any subject is okay but the core subjects is actually these 4 then additional one. Then all together you have 5 credits. Any institution in Nigeria can admit you to read mechanical engineering with these 5 credits.