KEDI PRODUCT IS UNIQUE —–North-West Regional Manager …..100% herbal, preventive and curative


KEDI PRODUCT IS UNIQUE —–North-West Regional Manager

…..100% herbal, preventive and curative

Zainab Tanimu –Kaduna

The Agency for Health Care Research and Quality’s (AHRQ) mission is to improve the quality, safety, efficiency and effectiveness of health care for all.

Research has shown a number of advantages associated with using herbal medicines as opposed to pharmaceutical products. Most herbal medicines are well tolerated by the patient, with fewer unintended consequences than pharmaceutical drugs. Herbs typically have fewer side effects than traditional medicine, and may be safer to use over time.

Many sicknesses and diseases have been cured with KEDI products. Similarly, many Nigerians have been elevated through its live changing program; This, the North-West Regional Manager, Lizzy Adeola Olusi opens up on in a brief interview with Zainab Tanimu while in Kaduna for the 2017 Mega Seminar held at Arewa House. KEDI products she said have impacted positively on the lives of many.

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Could you throw light on why you are in Kaduna today?

We have come here today to bring up new multi – millionaires in our mist and we hope to achieve that at the end of the programme.

How long has this Industry been in Nigeria?

Our Head office is situated in Lagos, Nigeria. We started 11years ago as a small company but now we are a multi-national company and we are almost all over the world.

What would you say is the aim and objective of this company?

Our aim and objective is to bring up new millionaires in Nigeria by creating Health and Wealth for humanity.  We are into herbal products that are 100% herbal. They are curative and also preventive. We have had testimonies of so many sicknesses and diseases that our products have actually cured. Diseases like sickle cell anemia, fibroid, infertility, ulcer, diabetes, pulsate cancer and even low sperm count,; to mention just a few of what KEDI product has done.

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What makes these products different from that of other companies?

There are so many things that make us different from all other multi- level marketing companies. One of the major things that make KEDI unique is the fact that we have been able to change life for the better

In the area of unemployment, we have been able to assist the government by bringing up people that are self-reliant; many of which have been able to build their homes, own cars and not even willing to go for any white collar job.  We have many youths out there who KEDI have touched their lives health wise and wealth wise. We promise and we fulfill. That makes us different from others.  Also, we are a multi-level marketing company that doesn’t give target neither do we cut your achievements.  We do not delete people from our system. Any time you want to come, you are still in our system.

Other multi-level marketing companies that sell products, they sell supplements but we are into herbal products and we sell supplements too. So that is why we are different from all other multi –level marketing companies.

Do you partner with any government agency in Nigeria?

Yes, we are registered with Cooperate Affairs Commission. (CAC) Our Manufacturing Company is here in Lagos. We are affiliated to Fidson Pharmaceuticals. They are the ones that manufacture our products for us. They also do the repackaging.

What are the criteria needed to be a member of KEDI?

(Laughs)  Very simple. It is life made easy. You do not need a certificate nor do you have to be qualified in any field. All you need to do is, get the kits and you are good to go. Even if you are a semi illiterate or a stark illiterate, you can still join KEDI.  One good thing is that trainings and seminars are always organized to update members on regular basis. I must say, it is a worth trying venture and l bet you, your life would never be the same again.

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Can you give me example of a life changing event that the company has put in place for KEDI members?

We have actually had the opportunity to distribute close to 400 cars in just a space of 11yrs to our qualified distributors all over Nigeria and we are planning to do another one next year because is every two years that we do the car award. Infact many had the opportunity to travel out of the country in the name of KEDI. It is real.

On a lighter note, why did you join KEDI and how are you enjoying being part of it?

To be candid with you, there is no staff in KEDI that does not  have a testimony to give because as we are changing the lives of distributors, KEDI is also changing the lives of its staff. Sincerely, it is a job that l love so much because it is making me to reach humanity with what l have. My main goal in life is not just to be a person. I want to die as an institute and l think KEDI is actually giving me that platform to be able to reach out to humanity and give people a better life.