War on Gaza:  As Residential, Refugee Camps Come Under Fire in Central Gaza, 10,328 Palestinians Killed


War on Gaza:  As Residential, Refugee Camps Come Under Fire in Central Gaza, 10,328 Palestinians Killed

Zainab Tanimu

Kaduna Northwest Nigeria

Despite international condemnation, as war on Gaza enters its second month, lstraeli prime Minister, Netanyahu has again ruled out ceasefire on Gaza.

Says, unless HAMAS releases lsraeli captives.

As latest bombardments by lsraeli  forces continues to destroy residential buildings, hospitals, refugee camps which are densely populated, by launching and firing missiles, report has it that the total death toll of Palestinians killed has risen to 10, 328.

Killings of women and children is reported to be  happening at alarming rate.

Health ministry says 25, 000 Palestinians injured by lstraeli strikes.

Israeli army had told staff at Al- Rantisi, children hospital to evacuate, saying it will bomb the facility. More than half of Gaza’s hospitals and clinics are forced to close.

Gaza interior warns as bakeries shut down due to lsraeli forces attacks.

Over 2,660 Palestinians reported missing including over 1,270 children after lsraeli strike.

Also, 192 health workers have been killed in the bombardment since October, 7.

Karen Gilchrist from Aljezera in her update had reported an,

intense Israeli strikes, in which the Israel Defense Forces said they struck over 450 aerial targets including a Hamas military compound.

Israeli Government say, 1,405 lsraelis have been killed in HAMAS attacks including 346 soldiers.

Leaders of United Nations, agencies, and humanitarian organizations have issued a joint statement Monday calling for an immediate humanitarian cease-fire.”

Human rights expert warns Palestinians are in grave danger of mass ethnic cleansing.

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Israeli warplanes strike school in Gaza

destroying schools,hospitals residential areas, destroying ambulances, refuge camps, Jabalia camp where thousands took shelter, killing women and children. This it described as a crime against humanity.

After earlier pledges of safe passage lsrael continued to attack Palestinians heading south of Gaza.
Palestinians are seen vacating their places to move south but say highway have been completely destroyed and are impassable.
Displaced Palestinians trekking to the southern part of Gaza due to the evacuation order given by Israeli forces.
Some on camel.

US has been accused of its unquestioning support for Israel. Describing lstreal’s attacks on Palestinian civilians as a war crime.

Israel has confirmed it bombed an ambulance in Gaza, alleging that Hamas was using the vehicle – a claim rejected by Health Ministry spokesman.

Report has it that due to the lsraeli forces bombshell, both ground and air strike, Palestinians are faced with harsh conditions such as shortage of food, lack of water, light,  communication and all essential means of life.
As a result of attacks on hospitals leading to destruction and lsraeli forces blockade to allow for entrance of medical aids, some doctors had to use vinegar to disinfect wounds and performing surgeries without anesthetics.
Al Shifa hospital 47 mosques and 3 churches have been reported destroyed in Gaza strip since October, 7.

Analysts described the US Secretary visits as another way of killing time as it has nothing to do with ceasefire.

Head of Gaza Media had in a press conference on Thursday condemned Israel continuous bombardment and killings of Palestinians civilians made of women and children.
The text reads in parts:
Israel is preventing all means of life and communication cut off.
Israel pretends there is a safe corridor but we cannot transport the wounded.
Civilians in northern Gaza are suffering from genocide.
Oman on Saturday In a statement on the social media platform X, through the Foreign Ministry had expressed deep denunciation and strong condemnation at the continued massacres and war crimes committed by Israeli occupation forces against the Palestinian people.”
Part of the statement condemning Israeli forces actions reads:
“the horrifying and brutal massacre that targeted the Osama bin Zaid School, affiliated with the UNRWA, in northern Gaza, just yesterday.”
It also condemned Israeli bombing of the UN-affiliated Al-Fakhoura School in the Jabalia refugee camp and the entrance of Al-Nasr Children’s Hospital in western Gaza, as well as a public water reservoir supplying several neighborhoods in southern Rafah.
It called on the International Criminal Court to form a court for “war crimes” committed against Palestinian people in Gaza and to prosecute “war criminals” responsible for the massacres.
It emphasized on the, “urgent need for a true awakening of the international community, based on its ethical, legal, and humanitarian responsibilities, to put an end to Israel’s clear disregard and defiance, as well as its violation of international principles, laws, and agreements.”
Wounded Palestinians at the Al Shifa hospital in Gaza City, central Gaza Strip, Tuesday, PHOTO BY P PHOTO/ABED KHALED
However, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken met with Arab foreign ministers in Jordan on Saturday after talks in Israel with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who insisted there could be no temporary cease-fire until all hostages held by Hamas are released.
Jordan’s Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi said Arab countries want an immediate cease-fire, saying “the whole region is sinking in a sea of hatred that will define generations to come.”
Blinken, however, said “it is our view now that a cease-fire would simply leave Hamas in place, able to regroup and repeat what it did on Oct. 7.” He said humanitarian pauses can be critical in protecting civilians, getting aid in and getting foreign nationals out, “while still enabling Israel to achieve its objective, the defeat of Hamas.

UN has asked international community to urgently mediate ceasefire between HAMA and Israel army.

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UN Chief, Antonio Gutierrez says Gaza is becoming “A grave for children” Saying, the unfolding catastrophe in Gaza makes the need for a cease fire more urgent.

Diplomats in US call for ceasefire in Gaza, blasting Israel’s policy.

Eight countries have recalled their ambassadors in lstrael. Among are,

Colombia, Rahrain, Jordan, Turkiye, South Africa.

Israel claimed that they are acting in self defense but this claim has been rejected as civilians are the main targets.

 Diplomats say the US should immediately support the international calls for ceasefire in Gaza as lstrael attacks on civilians and institutions is a violation of humanitarian laws.

UK, Germany, Australia, France are amongst countries supporting Israel.

Russia supports two-state solution for Israeli–Palestinian conflict and has relations with several Palestinian political parties. Russia does not consider Hamas as a terrorist organization and continues to diplomatically negotiate with them.

Meanwhile, thousands of people have taken to the streets across the globe in  solidarity for a ceasefire in Gaza.

Thousands rallying US in support of Palestinians (Aljezera)
An estimated 100,000 people took part in the ‘March For Palestine’ in London on Saturday [Hannah McKay/Reuters]
People expressing support for the Palestinians marched through Hyde Park towards the Israeli embassy