NASFAT Kaduna Empowers Over 3,500 Members in Various Skills Zainab Tanimu –Kaduna, NIGERIA


NASFAT Kaduna Empowers Over 3,500 Members in Various Skills

Zainab Tanimu –Kaduna, NIGERIA

NASFAT is an Islamic organization with a widespread acceptance within and outside Nigeria.  Its mission being that of developing an enlightened society nurtured by true understanding of the religion Islam for the spiritual up liftmen and welfare of mankind.

It is a society comprising people from different ethnic groups across Nigeria coming together for a common goal. Some of its shared values are the strict adherence to the holy Qur’an and the Sunnah, the efficacy of prayers, the promotion of Islamic brotherhood as well as the pursuit of knowledge.

Economic acquisition and skill building for members is one important area of Dawa’ah  programme of the society.

Engineer Afiz Abimbola is the Empowerment Secretary NASFAT Kaduna Branch. In this brief interview with News reservoir, he throws more light on how far and how well the society has being able to touched on the lives of the people.


As part of our social responsibilities, NASFAT has  designed this programme to assist the government in reducing poverty in the society especially among our youths and women with particular focus on the widows who are really in need. The best way we can give them assistance is for them to be self- reliant so as not to constitute a problem to the society. It is our obligation and we must do it and we are ready to go.

How many of such programmes have you undertaken as a society?

Our members have been exposed to some skills acquisition trainings. We had one under the National Directorate of Employment. Some we acquire through organizations like the one above where l was presenting certificate to one of the grandaunts.  We also go to government agencies whose fields are related to our set objectives.

Many of our members have acquired professional skills in tailoring, catering services, Make-up, Computer training including that of Agriculture.

After members must have acquired these trainings, do you have anything you put in place for them by way of assistance?

Well, the problem is about fund because the last training that we had, we had close to120 participants. It’s quite a number; the society could only empowered 20 out of those members that were trained. You see if the fund is there, we would do more. The money spent on these trainings are the little collections from our members which we put together to acquire some of the materials and other tools needed for the training.  We all know that the economy is biting hard but we give God the glory that we are able to assist the hard times notwithstanding.

Has there been any area of government assistance?

Most of our activities are aired and the government must have seen some of these programs but you know, government response is somehow when it comes to the issue of funding. But it would be good if they can lift off the burden of setting up these trainees to start a livelihood since they have already acquired a skill.

We as a society are trying to do our best.  Is only that when the project at hand is much, the society just have to manage with the little resources it has.

What positive result have you seen from those members so far trained?  Do you monitor them?

Allhamdulillahi. We are getting positive results. When we monitored some of them, we discovered that they are happy. We have no regrets. It is a success because some of the beneficiaries had completely lost hope and for them to be having a source of livelihood, it is a thing of joy for them and for us too. In fact some of them never expected that after given them such opportunity to acquire a skill, we would still pay their transportation. At times we get a bus to take them to the centers because some of the centers are not close to their homes.

How many people would you say have benefitted from your program so far?

We have trained close to 3,500 people since we started this program.

Are you continuing with the training program?

Yes of course. In the next two months we would be having another set of people.