ISLAM IS A Bundle Of Knowledge; Not Against Girl Child Education – Aisha Ummi El-Rufai


ISLAM IS A Bundle Of Knowledge; Not Against Girl Child Education – Aisha Ummi El-Rufai

The perception that women are not given freedom to education in Islam is a Misconception says Her Excellency, Hajiya Aisha Ummi Garba El-Rufai, wife to the Executive Governor of Kaduna State, Mallam Nasir Ahmed El-Rufai.

Hajiya Aisha who spoke through her representative, Hajiya Zainab Yusuf Muhammed during the occassion of NASFAT Kaduna Women’s Week Celebration commended NASFAT women for their efforts in peace building.

The theme, “The Muslimat as Catalyst for Maintaining Peace and Hamony”.she described as apt.

In this interview with Zainab Tanimu of Newsreservoir, simple and easy- going  Hajiya Zainab Yusuf Muhammed speaks on the event and other women related issues.


It is a step in the right direction. We really need this kind of events to be more often. You know we, the Muslim women we need to be more enlightened, more remembered of what Allah has said and our duties to the nation at large. 

Remembrance makes people closer to God. So, it is important that we keep up this good work and NASFAT has been doing it and l pray that Allah will give you the strength to continue do it. 

To be able to support women and children and of course not just women but every other Muslims in the world to know their rights, and to know what they are supposed to do.

We are not just in this world to enjoy but to also worship Allah SWT because we would be accountable for whatever we do.

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Women have been described as peace builders. How true is it?

Yes. The first contact of a child to this world is the mother. So, virtually the woman has a very big responsibility. We remember the days of the holy Prophet SAW women were leading wars. They were part of the Da’wah. They went with the prophet.(SAW) There were women that fought with the Prophet at the battlefield. There were women that went round the houses to make sure that women are knowledgeable and enlightened about this religion. And of course we know that a woman is someone whom when she speaks, a lot of people listen. 

Not just because she is a mother, not because she is a wife but because Allah SWT  has given her that crown that when she speaks  they listen. So it is important that women know that the peace of this nation is in their hands and they can do much better in making sure that there is peace and harmony.

They should make sure that they bring up the children in the way of Allah, make sure that our husbands, brothers or uncles, if they are deviating, we put them back on track. 

Women are Queens, Pets, they are jewels, treasures that Allah has given on to the nation and ask them to come onto the world and make peace with everybody. So with women peace is everywhere.

Would you say women are living up to expectations?

Currently we know that the African society we are in has not been giving women much to do. 

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We are living in a society where not many women know their rights. But Islamically if you read, a woman is a jewel. She is given more rights in any other religion that l know but we have not been able to harness this because the African society we come from do not really give the room for us to do that but l am sure with the remembrance , with faith and constant reminder that we can make this nation great, we can make this continent great. 

Women can also come out and contribute more but as it is now we are having more women contributing more of their quota in peace making and Alhamdullilah, everything is working fine.

There is still this perception that Islam does not give the Muslim woman the room to aspire as far as education is concerned. What is your take on that?

It is really wrong. That perception is very wrong. Islam itself is about knowledge and the prophet (SAW) said, seek for knowledge from the cradle to the grave. Seek knowledge as far as the city of China. 

We know China is the end of the world so if the Prophet should say seek knowledge and he did not say seek knowledge oh you men or oh you women. He said, oh you mankind which means it entails man or woman so seeking knowledge is not just for men. It is for man and woman and especially women because you bring up children.

You inculcate values into these children so you are supposed to be more learned than the man because you are the one that is left with the children at home. 

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You are the one that is supposed to teach them tarbiya (discipline) You are the one to bring the children up in the way of the lord so how would you do that if you don’t have the knowledge?

 Islam itself is a bundle of knowledge and l am sure people that have the concept that women are not given freedom to education in Islam is just a misconception and mis- interpretation of this beautiful religion.