Interfaith Forum Meets Over Increasing Rape Cases ln Kaduna

Interfaith Forum Meets Over Increasing Rape Cases ln Kaduna
Kaduna, North-West, Nigeria
The Interfaith Mediation Center (IMC) has expressed worries over the increasing rate of rape cases in Nigeria and has called for more stringents measures in curbing the menace.
This concern was raised during it monthly forum meeting with Media On Peace Journalism held at its Interfaith Mediation Center in Kaduna.
Lamenting, it called on journalists to do more of investigative journalism and report more on cases of rape in Nigeria. 
To tackle the menance, the lnterfaith Meditation Center had promised to bring together religious leaders and  youths to map out strategies on how to fight against rape.
 ln it’s thirteen point recommendation signed by Co- Executive Directors Interfaith Mediation Centre, Kaduna State Dr. James Movel Wuye & Imam Dr. Muhammad Nurayn Ashafa, on Tuesday, it called on stakeholders to take drastic actions in ending the rise in rape cases.
The forum Stressed the need for “practicing Journalists in Nigeria to dig deep by conducting a research on the causes of rape in Nigeria”, to enhance their reportage.
In its  recommendations, ”the forum observed that some  journalists in Nigeria are not abiding by the ethical principles of the noble profession as they indulge in publishing sensational news which  end up in  harming members of the public.
”The forum stressed that practicing  journalist in the country, must always cross check their information and facts and the credibility of their source of news before going to the press so as to avoid causing havoc in the society.
“The forum noted God Almighty will judge any practicing journalist especially in Nigeria that publishes any  news which harms  members of the public.
lt called on the practicing journalists in Nigeria “to always put Nigeria first in their heart when discharging their social responsibility as well as  publish news of peaceful coexistence, so that Nigeria can forge ahead.
“The forum observed that there is reduction of crime in some parts of the country, especially in terms of Kidnapping during lockdown, as it has reduced significantly this June, 2020.
lt also lamented on the high level of rape cases in Nigeria and called on the authorities concerned to take positive action in order to end the menace in Nigeria as a whole.
On the Farmers and Headers conflict, 
“the forum lamented over the persistent  conflicts which they noted have greatly led to backwardness of  the nation’s economy.
“The forum called on governments at all level in the country to quickly intervene when there is any reports of Farmers and Headers conflict so as to avoid losing of lives and destruction of property.
“lt urged the practicing journalists in the country to fully investigate the conflict between Farmers and Headers as well as, trace the history of the conflict so as to have a lasting peace on the matter in this country.
“The forum alleged that sometimes some selfish politicians in the country are the root cause of the  Farmers and Headers conflict in order to achieve their personal selfish interest.
“The forum advocated that security men must rise up  to their duties, especially to mediate between the Farmers and the Headers in order to curtail the spread of the conflict to other community.
“lt called on Farmers not to take law into their hand whenever Headers encroach into their Farms but to quickly report to the authorities concerned for possible action.
Presentations were made by representatives of MACBAN, AFAN and Security Agency among other things.