Zango/Kataf Crisis:  Zango Urban Development Association Goes Tough, Says, Kataf Are Living In The Past

Zango/Kataf Crisis:  Zango Urban Development Association Goes Tough, Says, Kataf Are Living In The Past
Zainab Tanimu
Kaduna, North-West, Nigeria
The Zango Urban Development Association ( ZUDA) has
described as misleading and unfounded the information dished out to the public by the Atyap Community Development Association (ACDA) on why they are rejecting the Kaduna state government’s move of setting up a White Paper Committee during it recent press conference held at the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) Secretariat Kaduna.
The group has accused the ACDA of insincerity saying, elected representatives, traditional and community leaders of Zango Kataf and Kauru LGAs were  in attendance at the meeting of the core security operatives held on the 15th july, 2020 a day before their press conference and that far reaching decisions were taken on how to control the situation and yet they went ahead to present such misleading  statements.
This was disclosed to journalists in a press conference held Monday, 20th, 2020.
In a statement signed by the Secretary General of the Zango Urban Development Association, Muhammad Umar which was read by the spokesman of the group,  Dr. Salisu Muhammed, the group declared its support for Governor El-Rufai administration’s move to set up a White Paper Committee which according to them, would help find lasting solution to the crisis at stake.
Contrary to the claim by the ACDA that Reconciliatory Report of the AVM Usman Muazu has taken care of their issues but for three areas, it said the claim is false.
“We the people of Zango Urban District support the present administration of Gov. Nasiru El-Rufa’i in setting up the White Paper Committee as the right step in finding a lasting solution to the recurring circle of violence in Zangon Kataf because every Hausa/Kataf crises has its roots to the 1992 crises.
“With the lingering crises day-in-day-out it can be deduced that the reconciliation
has not been achieved between the Kataf and Hausa community contrary to the claim by ACDA.
“For any reconciliation to occur, there are five elements that must come into play; the truth must be told, justice must be provided, justice provided must be tempered with mercy, there must be healing, forgiveness and then reconciliation leading to peace.
This has not happened in Zangon Kataf and that is why the Katafs take pride in fomenting crisis every year. The statement added.
The statement also challenged the ACDA on the issue of indegene/settler which it said has become “a sing – song for the Kataf ethnic group leaders and that they are using it to peddle half-truth, change historical narratives and boldly dish out falsehood as historical records to support any barbaric act they wish to carry out.
“It must, therefore, be pointed out just to put the record straight that a report written by the Colonial District officer 1932/33 found in the National archives states that “By 1890, Zango town was 500 years old in existence..
“The Kataf are still living in the past, and still assume that violence can fetch them
anything they desire. Granted that this has worked in the past, the same cannot
be said of today as the world itself is turning a new leaf and the 21st century is touted as the century of recovery. The people of Zango have since moved on
and are doing great in commerce, industry, and social services.
“The ghost of 1992 has been exhumed by the Katafs once again; this time with a
heavier casualty on the side of Fulani (who lived with them in the villages) and fewer on the Hausas. It is obvious that the treatment meted on the Katat by the
past administrations in the state including compensating them with senior appointments to their leaders from 1996 until the recent past administrations, had emboldened them to arrogantly showcase their ingratitude through barefaced lies of reconciliation and blackmail to the Hausas and Fulanis of Zangon Kataf which have remained silent and tolerant, in the midst of flagrant breaches of agreements perpetrated by the unjust leadership of the chiefdom for 28 years. The statement stressed.
The statement further revealed that “It was true that Col. Lawalp Ja’afaru Isa convened a Peace Parley on 11” August, 1995 at GDSS Zangon Kataf between the two communities. It was at the Parley
that the Kataf solicited for the creation of Atyap chiefdom while the Hausas
solicited for the creation of Zango Urban District.
“As a deal, to foster lasting peace, the Hausa/Fulani prayed to have its District (it is now due for upgrade to full autonomy status) with headquarters at Zango town while the Kataf prayed for chiefdom only (without stating its headquarters) There is a video recording of this event to confirm this statement.
“It is a documented fact during the same Peace Parley that a representative of
Kataf, late Magaji Kato, Gidan Zaki, “stated clearly with regards to the occupied farmlands of Hausa/Fulani of Zango, that if the Kataf are granted autonomy in the form of a chiefdom of their own, the Hausa man can come back to their yard and farm”.
“Similarly, another Kataf elder, Along Angulu Anguwan Wakili, now late, stated that “the Kataf were farming in Hausas farmlands when the Hausas were displaced and that they would return the farmlands once the Hausas return to Zango”.
“However, this has turned out to be only a gimmick in order to be granted a chiefdom, as to date, 25 years after the return of the Hausas, the farms of the Hausa community are still firmly in the hands of the Katat usurpers who have not exhausted the large expanse of land in their backyards but continue to foment trouble by occupying the few lands belonging to the Hausa people to the admiration and applause of their leaders and elites.”
Contributing,  Mr. Ibrahim Mohammed said in any deal, once a party  goes back home and turns around to break the deal, it is always futile to get needed solutions.
The Peace Parley of 1995, were it respected would have solved the lingering Zongo/Kartaf problem. He said.
“Only sincerity of purpose can help bring peace to the waring parties. The issue of reconciliation and peace should be driven from the heart.
 “As long as you come to a round table to dicuss peace and a deal is struck and you go back home and you turn around on the deal you had, honestly, you will get nowhere.
“The Zango /Kataf Peace Parley was meant for reconciliation where both communities would go back home in peace and the communitues continue to strive. But that was not the case.
“A party refused to respect such agreements that were made. As long as there is no sincerely and the  believe of realizing the goals, no matter how you seek to discuss, it is going to be futile. He maintained.
Speaking on the N40 Million compensation the ACDA claimed was set aside by previous administrations to pay the Hausa community to relinquish their land, the statement said.
“According to ACDA, this money was meant to pay for the acquisition of Hausa’s dryland, wetland and 50 metres surrounding boundary land as Buffer Zone to which there was a meeting at which the Hausas gave concurrence.
“We hereby challenge ACDA to produce evidence where we gave our consent to this fallacy.
It is not only mischievous but wickedness to tell the world that Zango town was completely rebuilt and compensation paid. We challenge ACDA to produce evidence of this lies.
“We have had enough of this lies, mischief and falsehood. The resort to
intimidation and violence at the slightest opportunity against the Hausas or
Fulanis or commercial drivers (through roadblocks) have not paid up and their
game seems to be up, so now they feel like a fish out of the water.
“Hence for the Kataf to claim that it was the “printers’ devil” that printed Samarau Kataf as the headquarters of Atyap chiefdom, 25 years after the publication of the gazette, is not only an alibi but high degree of mischief/deceit and also an acceptance of guilt without a sense of remorse.
“We believe the Current state administration, as an umpire is equal to the task hence needles for us to hold any brief for them. But will not allow falsehood to
be fed to the public on the true situation in Zangon Kataf between the
Hausa/Fulani and the Kataf after the 1992 Zangon Kataf crisis and the recent
We are confident the current administration’s line of action is
commendable and must be supported by all peace-loving peoples in Kaduna
State and Nigeria in general.
“The position taken by the government is a fair deal to all, let the white paper speak for itself and the truth be told. Let appropriate sanction be meted on whomever is at fault based on the Judiclal Commission of Enquiry Reports.
“Let it be restated that the reasons amongst others, as pointed out by the
government through its spokesman, Senior Special Adviser on Media, Mr
Muyiwa Adekeye, that would foster peace in Zangon Kataf are still lingering
unaddressed and it is only reasonable, for peace loving people, to welcome the
bold approach by the present administration.
 “It is therefore a lie that the issues
of farmland, self-determination and equity have been addressed. As presented in our address today, the public is left to judge whether the Hausas of Zango Urban District on the so-called issues of reconciliation have been respected/resolved and that the Hausas have been fairly treated by the Kataf leadership with regards to our fundamental rights under the Atyap chiefdom for the past 28 years.
“Is our sincere hope and prayer that the present administration in the statee
Would finally address our concerns and those of Katafs without fair or favour for
each tO have sense of belonging for its security, autonomy, peace
development that would reign forever in Zangon Katat Local government,
Kaduna State and Nigeria in general.”
The Zango Urban Development Association (ZUDA) is a registered association of Zango Urban
Hausa/Fulani Community that has partaken in all the peace and reconciliatory processes of Hausa-Fulani/Kataf crises. It has been used by Government to reach out to the Hausa/Fulani people of Zango since 1992.
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