$350m Loan: Group Describes Kaduna Senators Enemies of the State …Says, personal interest overrides that of the citizens



$350m Loan: Group Describes Kaduna Senators Enemies of the State

…Says, personal interest overrides that of the citizens

Zainab Tanimu- Kaduna, NIGERIA

A group under the auspices of ‘Kaduna Concerned Citizens’ have expressed their worries over what they described as unfortunate and  unhealthy developments in Kaduna state which it said has slowed down the pace of development in the state.

The non -approval of the $350M foreign loan request put forward by Governor El-Rufai of Kaduna state they have attributed to the handiwork of  the Kaduna state senators who they have described as enemies of progress. They have been accused of putting their personal interest above that of the citizens. An action which it said has affected the execution of meaning projects in the state.

This concern was raised by the group in a press conference held today, Tuesday, April 3, 2018 at the Nigeria Union of Journalists Secretariat Kaduna.

In a statement signed and read by Abdulazeez Musa Shettiman Barnawa, the leader of the group,  it noted that the lack of approval of the loan have subjected law abiding citizens of the state to untold hardships and frustrations as projects started are yet to be completed.

“The Kaduna Concerned Citizens hereby reject and totally condemn the position taken by the senate to stand in the way as a clog in the wheel of progress of the good people of Kaduna state by this unpatriotic and selfish stance to reject a legitimate request by a state government that has fulfilled all the requirements set by the World bank to be granted this facility for infrastructural development”.

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The body has accused the senate of collaborating with some of the senators in the state to deprive the people of their legitimate rights.

“On the 2oth June, 2017, the World Bank announced that it has decided to provide a budget support facility of $350m to Kaduna state. The senate has collaborated with the three senators from Kaduna state to deprive the over 10m citizens of the state their legitimate right to decent investment in human capital development through the provision of good schools, hospitals and roads for a better quality of life and accelerated economic growth through the provision of infrastructure.

The excuse given by the senate as to the size of the loan and viability of the state to repay the loan is baseless, unfounded and self-serving as the creditor and ratings agency clearly states that Kaduna state can manage the loan facility which has a 10years moratorium and a 40years repayment period.

The statement further cited the case of Kano state Governor and senator Rabiu Kwanwaso who it said despite the frosty relationship,  “the senator did not stand in the way of Kano state in getting the approval of senate to access the loan from the world bank.

However, the group declared that they were like-minds, concerned citizens, who according to the coordinator, are after the development of the state.