Greenfield University, a private owned university whose students were recently kidnapped expressing worried is appealing to the government and good people of Kaduna state for assistance .

The registrar in a statement had also appealed to the abductors of the childrens’ safety.

The statement dated 23/04/2021 and signed by the registrar, Bashir Muhammad read thus:

” We are all aware of the incidence which occurred at Greenfield University on Tuesday 20th April, 2021 by 8.15pm where some staff and students were abducted. Efforts have been made to secure the release of these staff and students which have not yielded the desired results.

Even so, very sad news reaching us today is that three of the students were killed and their bodies
were found near the university. There were two female and one male

” Further, a ransom of 800 million naira has been demanded for our abducted
staff and students. We are at this point calling on the government and people
of good will who can be of assistance to come to our aid as the situation is
becoming overwhelming.
Finally, we appeal to those in custody of our staff and students to spare their

Bashir Muhammad


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