Kaduna Rates High in Quality Ginger Production, farmers seek Government Assistance.


Kaduna Rates High in Quality Ginger Production, farmers seek Government Assistance.

Zainab Tanimu –Kaduna, NIGERIA

Research has shown that ginger produced in southern part of Kaduna is of high quality compared to those being produced in other parts of Africa.

Among the ten communities in southern Kaduna that produce high quality ginger are, Jaba, Kagarko and Kachia Local Government Areas. The favorable nature of the soil as well as climatic condition of these areas have been attributed to why farmers in these communities are able to produce  ginger not only for domestic use but also for commercial purposes.

Suffices to say that despite its commercial production,  famers of this commodity are faced with the challenge of finding market for their produce. They are not able to export their ginger to other parts of the world.

A large scale farmer of the commodity in Kachia, Alhaji Jeinadu Yahaya  who lamented over lack of encouragement on the part of the government said ginger farmers need fertilizer, tractors, Insecticides, and right pricing template to help them boost its production.

“We are pleading to the government to assist us with necessary farming implements that would assist us in boosting ginger production as well as provide good price for our produce.

Mr. Francis Gimba another ginger farmer described the situation as disheartening saying, despite the high quality ginger they produce,  they are not able to reap the fruit of their labor.

“ We face a lot of challenges exporting this goods in terms of economical values. Because of these challenges we are facing, there is drop in pricing of the commodity. We call on the government to find ways in helping us in this direction.

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Investigation reveals that ginger production is at its lowest because foreign entrepreneurs are now engaging in its direct production leading to low patronage. Another investigation also reveals that price of ginger has dropped sharply as a ton of the commodity sells now at N200, 000 as against N250,000 while a bag now sells for N10,000 as against N28 to N30,000.

Ginger Farmers in Kaduna state are of the hope that the commissioning of the Inland Dry Port would help ameliorate their problems as they look forward to the Port helping to boost ginger production by opening up opportunities for the importation of their commodity.