Nigeria Has Everything To Be Great -Imam Abdullatteef … Peaceful Co – existence Key To  Greatness.

Nigeria Has Everything To Be Great -Imam Abdullatteef
… Peaceful Co – existence Key To  Greatness.
Zainab Tanimu
Kaduna, North-West, Nigeria
The Chief Imam Lagos State House of Assembly Dr. Abdulhakeem Abdullateef has said that Nigeria has everything to be great and be a pacesetter in the world.
He stated this during the 2020 public lecture with the Theme: “Security Peace And Harmony in a Multi Religious & Tribal Society: AN Islamic View” organized by NASFAT Kaduna Branch at NASFAT Village.
According to him, Nigeria remains a blessed nation amongst all countries and  favoured  by Allah above all the countries of the world.
He added that while other countries are bedeviled by mirage of evils such as Earth quack, tsunami,  Nigeria has failed to make the best use of Allah’s blessings.
For Nigeria to realize its full potentials, there is the need to do away with all forms of ethno – religious tendencies. He said.
“Nigeria has everything. We have corn, we refuse to grow it. We have pepper, we refuse to grow it. We have rice, the crude oil we have is in abundance. Everything we have is in abundance but deviated from the right part.
“Allah says, l give you the example of a township that l favoured and gave all my blessings but they turned against Allah.
“Allah says, l now wear for them a garment of Fear. They are now afraid. They are no longer in peace because of what they have caused by themselves.
Imam Abdulhakeem commended NASFAT Kaduna for choosing such a topic which he described as apt especially now when all manners of atrocities are being committed.
Lamenting, he said.
“People now kill their fathers committing Patricide. They kill their own mothers, they commit Matricide. They kill their own brothers, they commit Fratricide. They kill their own sisters, they commit Sororicide. They even kill young children. They commit infanticide. They kill the people irrespective of their religion or their colour, they commit genocide.
What we were used to was the killing of beast, pesticide and insecticide but what we have in Nigeria now is the slaughtering of human beings, killings and that is why the topic is the most important topic for now.
Islam is the religion of peace and the total submission to the will of Allah. There is no way you can practice Islam once it does not lead to peace in the life of people. You are not practicing Islam.
Allah Subhana WTA says, in humanity, we are one. All of you from Adam. He stated.
“Allah says in Quran Chapter 4, verse 1
Oh mankind, fear your Lord who created you from a single soul – –.”
It is necessary therefore that we seek the face of Allah the way we should. He urged.
Still hammering on how Allah has favoured Nigeria, he said.
“If you have traveled all over the world, if you have enough experience, you will come back to thank Allah for creating Nigeria. This country is favoured by Allah above all countries of the world.
“You go to some countries, it is extremely cold, people wearing 2,3 garments dying of cold. Some countries extremely hot. Nigeria is neither too cold nor too hot. You find countries in the world that are faced with mirage of challenges
Some countries bedeviled by mirage of evils such as Earth quack, tsunami, fire such as that of Australia  and yet people have failed to be thankful to God rather we have decided to wrong ourselves.
“We are now visited by hunger, and fear. In the world today, there is no peace. The world is experiencing insecurity. High level of ritual killings, high level of joblessness and high level of poverty. 
“Allah says, it is the evils you have caused with your hands that you are experiencing. I did not cause it. I have allowed you to taste the consequences of your misdeed maybe perhaps you will  have  a change of heart.
“Allah says, corruption, vices, evils have appeared on the surface of the earth. It is from what your hands have caused. I, Allah did not create violence. If Allah were to eliminate everyone of us, it does not take him seconds. Allah does not need hire killers because ‘He’ is capable of taking out what he gives.
Explaining further, the erudite scholar likened the story of Nigeria with that of the chapter of the Quran
Suratul NAHL Quran chapter 16, verse 112  which he said depicts the story of Nigeria.  He said.
“And Allah puts forward the example of a township in Mecca, that dwells, secure and well content, its provision coming in its abundance from every place, but (its people) denied the favor of Allah (with ingredients fullness). So Allah made it taste the extreme of hunger (famine) and fear, because of that (evil i.e denying Prophet Mohammed SAW) which they (it’s people) use to do.”
He continued.
People are consumed by hatred for fellow human beings and no longer have a forgiving heart. People turned away from morals of those good old days and love for one another.
Not until people amend their ways and embrace love for one another irrespective of tribe, religion can Nigeria find the needed peace . He stressed.
Giving a flashback of Nigeria of 1963 and leadership of the likes of  late Saudauna, Tafabalewa, Azikiwe, Awolowo, he said their primary occupation then was that of peace and oneness of the citizens devoid of ethnicity, religion and tribal affiliation.
“If we look at what started this crisis in Nigeria, it is injustice.
Allah says, l created all things  and to Him belongs the heavens and the earth. It is to ensure that l do justice. 
On suggested way forward to solving these problems, Imam Abdulhakeem pointed out the need for good parenthood which he described as very key as it
will go a long way in curtailing the rate of crime in the society. Most of these crimes committed today are traced to our youth.
Proper upbringing, guidance and raising our children in the way of Allah therefore will go a long way in helping  to arrest the situation as children will be able to differentiate wrongs from rights. He emphasied.
He expressed concern over parents not having  time for their children. A situation which needs to be addressed.
Also, People should learn to forgive rather than seeking revenge as that is what is preached in our holy books.  Lamenting, he said what is dominant now is revenge for wrong deeds which is further tearing us apart.
And that Allah loves those who have forgiven heart. Crisis get escalated through reprisal attacks. 
The Kaduna crisis for example where many lives were lost would have been averted if not for reprisal attacks.
He said it was during the time of Moses that it was ‘an eye for an eye’ but when the Holy Prophet Mohammed SAW came, Allah said, anyone who forgives wrong deeds and says, l leave everything for God is on the right path. Allah loves one who forgives.
“If you are a true believer, swallow your anger and overlook peoples misdeeds”. He admonished.
Suratul Imran Quran 3 verse 134 further gives clarity to the issue.
“Those who spend ( in Allah’s course) in prosperity and adversity, who represses anger, and who pardon men, verily, Allah loves  Am- Muhsinun (the good doers).”
It is important that one imbibe the virtues of tolerance. He advised.
“Husbands should learn to be patient with their  wives. Wives, be patient with your husbands.  Parents be patient with your children and verse vasal.
It is equally important to be just in our actions.”
Contentment is another aspect emphasized.
Contentment he described as germane in one finding peace of mind. With contentment, the mind keeps away from evils. One hardly gets involved in evil search for wants. With contentment, things will fall into place.
On the saying that ‘boko is haram,  ( i.e. knowledge is forbidden), the lecturer concluded by saying, knowledge is important and therefore, “Boko  is not Haram.”  
Earlier in his opening remark, Chairman, NASFAT Kaduna Branch, Engr. Muhiydeen
Alimi Yusuf appreciated the guest lecturer’s contribution to the promotion of the religion, Islam. 
He commended the lecturer’s unwavering commitments to the course of Allah which he said many have benefited from.
Yusuf while enumerating some of the activities of the branch which includes the empowerment of members and non members of the community had reiterated the society’s commitments towards executing more life changing programmes for both members, non members and the society at large.
He thanked the members for their untiring efforts in serving in the course of Allah.
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