Celebration Galore For Nii Quaye’s Family … As 18 Years Old Son Who Got Missing At Age Two Locates His Root

Celebration Galore For Nii Quaye’s Family
… As 18 Years Old Son Who Got Missing At Age Two Locates His Root
Zainab Tanimu
Kaduna, North-West, Nigeria
There is this admonition that one should never give up on prayers no matter the  situation one finds him/herself because  God has a way of doing wonders.
So is the story of Samuel Nii Quaye, who got missing when he was 2years old but the parents kept the hope and spirit of a possible reunion alive.
They had the believe and trust that one day, God was going to wipe their tears.
The story:
Samuel Nii Quaye, a boy who went missing when he was only two years old has finally been found by his real family at 20 years old.
According to reports from Atinkaonline, Samuel was found after their traditional media, Atinka FM, hosted him.
Samuel while recounting his pathetic story  mentioned all he has been through since childhood.
He said he has been living with a fetish priest throughout his life and only realised they were not actually related after the man’s wife died.
The obituary poster of the late woman did not include Samuel’s name, which confused him and got him into making an enquiry from his siblings who told him he was brought into the family 18 years back.
From that moment, the missing boy decided to trace his roots and locate his family, a quest that brought him to the radio station where his story was aired.
It is reported that after the radio show featured Samuel, four different families called saying they had lost their son about 18 years ago.
They were all asked to undertake a DNA test to ascertain the true parents of the child, now grown up man.
Samuel’s father had indicated that he recognised a birthmark on his body and was absolutely sure the result was going to prove Samuel was his son.
The result of the paternal test was 99.88% which confirmed  that Samuel belonged to the Nii Quaye’s family.
The mother of the child, Alberta Yartey, could not hold back her tears and said, the return of her son was a confirmation that truly, there is a supreme being called God.
Source: afamnews.com