Piety Enhances True Worship, Societal Value – Cleric


Piety Enhances True Worship, Societal Value – Cleric

Zainab Tanimu
Kaduna, North-West, Nigeria
The fear of Allah (Taqwa/Piety) is what keeps a believer awake.
This kind of fear (piety) no doubt has certain effects on an individual which then translates to the community.
Piety is the fruit of true worship, true religion and a sound belief.
What Allah wants from us is piety.
The Chief Missioner, NASFAT Kaduna Branch, Imam Muh’d Marooph Raji in his Eidel – Kabir sermon  titled:
“The Effects Of Piety On The Individual And Community” emphasized on the need to fear Allah and to guide against evil deeds.
While delivering his sermon at NASFAT Kaduna mosque Imam Marooph called on the Muslim faithful and every Nigerian to practice the act of piety in order that one can live a fulfilled life.
In his admonition he explained why it is of great importance for one to remain pious, saying, the first thing is to have the fear of Allah.
For Allah he said has stressed in several verses of the Holy Quran that one should fear Him in all ramification in whatever one does.
Allah he said warned those before us  where He advised all the people, the ancient generations and the contemporary ones to fear Him. So also was the warning from the Holy Prophet Muhammed (SAW).
“Allah Says, … And verily, We have recommended to the people of the Scripture before you, and to you (O Muslims) that you (all) fear Allah, and keep your duty to Him,…} [Quran 4:131]
It is also the advice of the Prophet  (SAW) to his companions as he said: “I advise you to fear Allah.” [Reported by Abu Daawood and At-Tirmithi, and narrated by Irbadh bin Sariya  may  Allaah  be  pleased  with  him]
So, both the verse of Allah, and the Hadeeth of the Prophet  ( SAW) show the importance and excellence of Taqwa (piety/fear of Allah).  Al Taqwa means to put between yourself and the punishment of Allah a protection, by abiding by the Laws (Orders) of Allah and refraining from what Allah has forbidden.
For those who decide to chose the path other than that which their Lord has commanded, the wrath of Allah awaits them. He warned.
Lack of fear of Allah he continued is the reason why we are faced with tribulation such as the Covid -19 Pandemic.
Whoever fears Allah, Allah will provide for such person as well gets him/her out of any tribulation.
“When righteousness is no longer feasible, Allah would send down calmity.
Let’s change for good. He urged.
He charged everyone to change for good because everyone has in one way or the other contributed the calamity that has befallen the society today.
“All of us are victims of hypocrisy, kidnappings, bit-bitting and what have you.
“Always fear Allah, for Allah is severe in punishment.
Explaining the importance of piety (Taqwa) in human life and how it translates to the community. He said.
“Piety makes a person more capable of knowing his eternity and medication in his behaviour, and he is more careful in choosing his path in life, and the end.
 Piety raises the individual’s value and raises the value of society
أمر الله تعالى عباده بالتقوى، وبين لهم أنها طريق الصلاح
والإصلاح للفرد والمجتمع، وبين سبحانه أن التقوى ثمرة
العبادة الصحيحة والدين الحق والعقيدة السليمة.
“God Almighty commanded His servants with piety, and showed them that it is the path of goodness and reform for the individual and society, and Glory be to Him that piety is the fruit of true worship, true religion and a sound belief.
َياأَُّيَها الَّناُس اْعُبُدوا َرَّبُكُم اَّلِذي َخَلَقُكْم َواَّلِذيَن ِمْن َقْبلُِكْم َلَعَّلُكْم تَتَُّقوَن »سورة البقرة:21، لعله أن تتقوه . إن التقوى من آثار
The Almighty says:
عظيمة على الفرد والمجتمع من شتى الجوانب،
“O people, worship your Lord who created you and those
before you, that you may fear.” Surat Al-Baqarah: 21,
Perhaps he may strengthen him. The piety has great effects on the individual and society in various aspects.
وقدأمرناالرسول-صلىاللهعليهوسلم-بالتازمتقوىالله في كل زمان ومكان .كما روى الترمذي وغيره عن أبي ذر
ِ (اتِق
الل حيثُما كن َت وأتِبع السيئ َة الح َسَنة تَم ُحها وخال ِق النا َس
بِ ُخُلق َح َسن) [رواه الترمذي وقال حديث حسن].
الغفاري .قال لي رسول الله- صلى الله عليه وسلم« :-
The sermon continued.
The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) – – has commanded us to commit to the piety of God in every time and place. Al- Tirmidhi and others also narrated from Abu Dhar Al-Ghaffari. The Messenger of Allah (pbuh), said to me:
“Fear God wherever you are,
وأخرجالطبارنيفيالكبير َعْنَمْيُموِنبنأَِبيَشِبيٍب، َعْن
ِِِِ ُمَعاذبن َجَبٍل،َقاَل:ُقْلُت:َياَرُسوَل َّالل،أَْوصني،َقاَل:اتَِّق
َّالل حيثُما ُكنت، ُقْلت :ِزدِني، َقال :أَْتِبِع الَّسِيَئَة اْلحسنَة  َََ
تَ م ح ه ا ، ُق ْل ت : ِزد ِن ي ، َق ا ل : خ ا لِ ِق ا ل َّن ا س بِ خ ُل ٍق ح س ٍن .

As related in Tabaraani, ibn Abi Shabib, Maaz bin Jabal, he said: I said: O Messenger of Allah, Advise me, he said:
Fear Allah wherever you are, I said: increase for me, he said, and follow the good deeds to erase it, I said: increase for me, he said: the Creator create mankind with good character/manners.
إن التقوى جماع الخير كله، وهي وصية الله للأولين والآخرين وهي ازد المؤمنين ليوم الدين، وبها تكون النجاة من ُكربات الدنيا وأهوال الآخرة، وهي سبب لسعة الأرازق،
واستتباب الأمن وسبب للنصر على الأعداء، فما هي التقوى؟

للتقوى معان كثيرة عرفها العلماء ، كلها تؤدي معنى الخوف
من معصية الله تعالى، والبعد عن كل ما ُيغضبه
Piety has many meanings that scholars have defined it, all of which lead to the meaning of fear of disobedience to God Almighty, and distance from all that is angry with the Almighty.
ومما ُروي عن علي بن أبي طالب- رضي الله عنه -أنه عرف التقوى فقال« :هي الخوف من الجليل، والعمل
بالتنزيل، والرضا بالقليل، والاستعداد للموت قبل الرحيل »
From what was reported from Ali bin Abi Talib – may God be pleased with him – that what he knew about piety and
said: «It is the fear of the Majesty, work to revelations, to satisfy with little, and the preparedness to die before
والتقوى تُهذب السلوك، وتسمو بالأخلاق، وترتقي بالعبد إلى أعلى درجات العبادة، حتى تُثمر في القلب الخوف والخشية

Still explaining the effects of piety on the individual and community, he said.
من الله، فيستقيم على طاعة الله عز وجل، والتقوى تعصم العبد من نزغات الشيطان، فُيبصر طريق الحق وينأى عن
طريق الغواية والضلال.
“Piety refines behaviour, transcends morality, and elevates the servant to the highest levels of worship, until the fear of God is born in the heart, so he upholds the obedience of God Almighty. And piety protects the servant from the devil’s sins, so the path of truth is seen and distanced by seduction and delusion.
ِإَّن اَّلِذيَن اتََّقْوا ِإَذا َمَّسُهْم َطاِئ ٌف ِمَن الَّشْي َطاِن تََذَّكُروا َفإَِذا ُهْم
مب ِصرون. وإِخوانهم يمُّدونهم ِفي اْلغ ِي ثَُّم َلا يْق ِصرون » ُْ ُ َ َ َُ َُْ َ ُ ُ َ
يقول تعالى« :
”The Almighty says:
Those who fear Allah, when a thought of evil from Satan assaults them, bring Allah to remembrance, when lo! they
see (aright)! But their brethren (the evil ones) plunge them deeper into error, and never relax (their efforts). Al-A’raf:
والتقوى أمان للمجتمع من المهلكات وباب للخير وسعة

Piety is a safety for the society from destruction and a
الأر ازق
door to goodness and the capacity of livelihoods.
ولو أََّن أَهل القرى آمنوا واتَّقوا لفتحنا عليِهم بركا ٍت ِمن السماِء ََْ َََّ
يقول تعالى« :
والأَر ِض ولِكن كَّذبوا فأَخذناهم بِما كانوا يكِسبون. أَفأَِمن أَهل َْْ ََُْ
اْلُقَرى أَْن َيْأِتَيُهْم َبْأُسَنا َبَياتًا َوُهْم َناِئُموَن. أََوأَِمَن أَْهُل اْلُقَرى أَْن
َيْأِتَيُهْمَبْأُسَنا ُضًحىَوُهْمَيْلَعُبوَن »الأعارف:96-98
The Almighty says:
If the people of the towns had but believed and feared Allah, We should indeed have opened out to them (All kinds of) blessings from heaven and earth; but they rejected (the truth), and We brought them to book for their misdeeds.
Did the people of the towns feel secure against the coming of Our wrath by night while they were asleep?
Or else did they feel secure against its coming in broad daylight while they played about (care-free)?
الخطبة الثاني
بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
إن الحمد لله، نحمدك ربي ونستعينك ونستغفرك ونتوب إليك، وأشهد أن لا إله إلا الله وحده لا شريك له، وأشهد أن نبينا محمداً عبد الله ورسوله صلى الله وسلم وبارك عليه وعلى آله
وصحبه والتابعين ومن تبعهم بإحسان. الله اكبر (تسعا) الله اكبر كبي ار، والحمد لله كثي ار، وسبحا َن الله وبحمده ُبكرةً وأصيلاً، الله اكبر الله اكبر، لا اله الا الله والله اكبر الله اكبر، ولله الحمد، ، لا إله إلا الله، يفعل ما يشاء، أما بعد:
إن التقوى صلاح للفرد والمجتمع، وإصلاح للنفس ووقاية
Explaining why it is important for one to remain pious, he said.
”Piety is good for the individual and society, and a reform of the soul and protection for society from God’s temper
للمجتمع من بأس الله وعقابه،
and punishment.
وما كان رُّبك مهلِك القرى حتَّى يبعث ِفي أُِمها رسولا يتلو
“Nor was thy Lord the one to destroy a population until He had sent to its centre a messenger, rehearsing to them Our Signs; nor are We going to destroy a population
يقول تعالى« :
َََْ َ ًَُ َُْ
َعَلْيِهْم آَياِتَنا َوَما ُكَّنا ُمْهلِِكي اْلُقَرى ِإَّلا َوأَْهُلَها َظالُِمون »
ََ ََ َ َ ُْ َ َُْ َ
القصص59 ،
except when its members practise iniquity. ”stories: 59
ويقول تعالى« :
وينِجي َّاللاَّلِذيناتَّقوابِمفازِتِهملايمسهمالسوءولاهميحزنون ََُ ُ َ َْ َََ
»الزمر61 ،
and the Almighty says:
But Allah will deliver the righteous to their place of salvation: no evil shall touch them, nor shall they grieve.
Al-Zumar: 61,
والتقوى سبب لدخول العبد في معية الله، فيحفظه ويرعاه،
Piety is a reason for the servant to enter into God’s favour, so he preserves and
nurtures him, and he guides him to
ويوفقه للخير ويرشده للحق .
the good and guides him to the truth.
ِإَّن َّالل مع اَّلِذيَن اتََّقوا واَّلِذيَن هم محِسُنوَن »النحل:128 ، َ َ َ ْ َ ُْ ُ ْ
يقول تعالى« :
”The Almighty says:
For Allah is with those who restrain themselves, and those
who do good. Al-Nahl: 128,
ومعية الله قوة ونصر وتوفيق وهداية وأمن وأمان وفرح واستبشار، كما وقع للرسول-صلى الله عليه وسلم -وصاحبه
في الغار، حينما التف الكفار حول الغار، فخشي أبوبكر أن يارهماالمشركونوهمافيالغار،وقال:يارسولاللهلونظر أحدهم تحت قدمه لرآنا .فأجابه الرسول .صلى الله عليه وسلم :يا أبا بكر ما ظنك باثنين الله ثالثهما .لا تحزن إن
الله معنا،
And with God there is strength, victory, success, security, safety, joy and pride, as happened to the Messenger – may God bless him and grant him peace – and his companion in the cave, when the infidels wrapped around the cave, Abu Bakr feared that The polytheists saw them while they were in the cave, and said: O Messenger of God, if one of them looked under his feet, he would see us. The Messenger answered him. (pbuh): O Abu Bakr,
what do you think of the two that Allah is the third of them?
Do not be sad that God is with us,
إن من آثار التقوى أن يلتزم المؤمن بالصدق في جميع
سلوكه وتصرفاته، ويجتنب الكذب في كل أحواله وأقواله كما جاء في توجيهات الرسول- صلى الله عليه وسلم -لأمته
فيما أخرج مسلم في صحيحه بسنده
“One of the effects of piety is that the believer abides by honesty in all his behaviour and movement, and avoids
lying in all his conditions and sayings as stated in the guidance of the Messenger –(pbuh) to his nation, as Imam
Muslim related in his Sahih.
عنأَبيمعاِويَةحَّدثََناالأَْعمُش َعْن َشِقيٍق َعْنعبداللهَِقال:
َُ َِ َ
َقال :رُسوُل َّالل- صلى الله عليه وسلم« :-َعَلْيُكْم بالصْدق
َ ِ ِ َِ
فإن ال ِصْد َق َيْهِدي إلى اْلِبِر َوإَِّن اْلِبَّر َيْهِدي إلى اْل َجَّنِة َوَما
يَازل الَّرجل يصُد ُق ويتَحَّرى الصْد َق حتى ي ْكتَب عْنَد َّالل
ََُ ِصِديًقا َوإَِّياُكْم َواْلَكِذَب فإن اْلَكِذَب َيْهِدي إلى اْلُفُجوِر َوإَِّن
اْلُفجور يهِدي إلى الَّناِر وما يَازل الَّرجل ي ْكِذب ويتَحَّرى اْل َكِذب ََُْ َ
 َحتىُيْكتََبعْنَد َّاللَكذاًبا»
Abu Muawiyah told us about the brother of Abdullah said: The Messenger of Allah )pbuh( «you should be truthful, the truthfulness leads to righteousness and righteousness leads to Paradise ………… and lying, indeed lying leads to immorality, and for immorality leads to fire,
” ………………
فالتقوى هي أن يلتزم العبد بأوامر الله وينتهي عما نهانا عنه،
وهو أن يكثر العبد من الطاعات ويجتنب المعاصي . وقد
يغلب استعمال التقوى على اجتناب المحرمات
The piety is that the servant abides by God’s orders and ends what he forbade us, which is that the servant abounds in obedience and avoids sin. The use of piety may prevail over avoiding forbidden
Piety is the will of the honourable messengers of Allah:
{كَّذبت عاد المرسلِين * ِإذ قال لهم أَخوهم هود أَلا تتَّقون} ََ َََُ
{َكَّذبت ثَمود المرسلِين(141)ِإذ َقال َلهم أَخوهم صالِح أََلا
{َكَّذَبت َقوم ُلوٍط, المرسلِيَن * ِإذ َقاَل َلهم أَُخوُهم ُلوٌط أََلا َُُُ
{َكَّذَب أَصَحاُب الأَيَكِة المرسلِيَن * ِإذ َقاَل َلُهم ُشَعيٌب أََلا َُ
{وإذ نادى ربك موسى أَن ائ ِت القوم ال َّظالِِمين * قوم ِفرعون َََِ ََ َ ََ ََ
أََلا َيتَُّقوَن} [الشعارء: 10-11] وهي أيضاً: وصية الرسول لأمته، فعن أبي أمامة ُصدى بن عجلان الباهلي قال: سمعت رسول الله يخطب في حجة الوداع فقال: (اتقوا ربكم وصلوا خمسكم، وصوموا شهركم، وأدوازكاةأموالكم،وأطيعواأمارءكم،تدخلواجنةربكم).
Also: The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) motivate his nation (muslims), on the authority of Abu Imamah Sada bin Ajlan Al-Baheli said: I heard the Messenger of God preaching on the farewell pilgrimage said: (Fear your Lord, pray five time daily, fast your month, pay your zakat, and obey your authorities, you shall enter the Paradise of your Lord).
والتقوى هي أجمل لباس يتزين به العبد:
Piety is the most beautiful dress that the servant adorns:
يابِني آدم قد أَنزلنا عليكم لِباسا يواِري سوآِتكم وِريشا ولِباس ََ َََْ ََْْ ًَ َُ َْ َُْ ً ََُ
التَّْقَوىَذلَِك َخْيٌرَذلَِكِمْنآَياِت َّاللَِلَعَّلُهْمَيَّذَّكُروَن[الأعارف: 26].
O ye Children of Adam! We have bestowed raiment upon you to cover your shame, as well as to be an adornment to you. But the raiment of righteousness,- that is the best. Such are among the Signs of Allah, that they may receive admonition! [Al-A’raf: 26].
إذا المرء لم يلبس ثيابا من التقى *** تقلب عريانا وإن كان كاسيا
وخير لباس المرء طاعة ربه *** ولا خير فيمن كان لله عاصيا
If one does not wear clothes of piety *** he turned naked, even if he is wearing cloth It is better for someone to wear obedience to his Lord *** and there is no good in whoever is disobedient
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