PDP Chairmanship Aspirants: We Have Not Backed Out, We Are All ln The Race 

PDP Chairmanship Aspirants: We Have Not Backed Out, We Are All ln The Race
Zainab Tanimu
Kaduna, North-West, Nigeria
The PDP Chairmanship aspirants under the auspices of the “Forum of State Chairmanship Contestants have expressed their determination to remain in the race as against what they described as malicious rumors being spread by enemies of progress that they have stepped down.
This information was disclosed in a
press conference held Tuesday, 19th, August, 2020 at the Nigeria Union of Journalists Secretariat, Kaduna.
The spokesman of the group, Hon Ashafa Waziri who read the statement on behalf of the forum, said.
“There are six Chairmanship contestants for the state party chairmanship and five out of the six contestants are here today under the auspices of the “Forum of State Chairmanship Contestants”, which comprises of Chief Abubakar Gaiya Haruna, Hon Bulus Kajang, Hon Ado Dogo Audu Hon Ashafa Waziri.
“We wish to unequivocally state that we are all in the race and none of us has backed out, withdrawn or stepped down. We urge you to discountenance the malicious rumors being spread by enemies of progress that we have stepped down. God willing, we are in the race and will see to the conclusion of this exercise that will culminate in the Congresses, where new officials will be elected to run the affairs of the party.
The Forum has raised eyebrows on a  proposed meeting to be held tomorrow by a group of persons saying it is illegal as they are not aware of the meeting and more so, the seating Senator under the zone, Senator  Danjuma Laah is not in the know of the planned meeting.
“lt’s sad, distressing and unfortunate that a group of people have purportedly called for a meeting in the name of southern Kaduna Zone three, for tomorrow Thursday, 20th August, 2020, without following the constitutionally approved procedures. And from our intelligence report received, the meeting is being orchestrated to illegally
endorse a particular candidate and claim it’s the decision of the entire southern
Kaduna leadership.
We as chairmanship contestants, who are critical stakeholders in the process, were not invited and we have it on good authority that the Hatcher’s of the meeting intend to claim that we have stepped down from the contest and thereafter announce the adoption of a particular candidate.
“It is pertinent we do mention that no amount of blackmail, mudslinging, propaganda, false and malicious gossips will make any of us back out of the race. If however, reasons call for that, we will return back here and duly inform the press.
Still stressing on the illegaity of the proposed meeting, the statement said,
“If that happens tomorrow, that will be the height of rascality and impunity, and such acts can only be carried out by disgruntled and undemocratic bunch of desperados with incurable lust to grab power through the back door in the most uncivilized and barbaric manner, via a strange and illegal consensus option, unknown to the constitution of the PDP.
“Let it be known that we are dealing with a bunch of people who are adorned in false messianic robes seeking to deceive the people with an agenda of love and concern for Zone three, in adopting a consensus candidate. How can an adoption of a consensus candidate be achieved without the other contestants involved in the negotiations?
“We therefore wish to state categorically that we are not party to this orchestrated illegal meeting, because it remains cosmetic, hypocritical and hollow, and unknown to the ideals and principles of the PDP or its constitution that has a clear cut pattern for meetings and
who is eligible to convene and those to attend.
“As long as any meeting of the Southern Senatorial Zone is not conveyed by the highest political office holder in the Zone, and indeed the whole state, in the person of Distinguish Senator Danjuma Tella Laah, such a meeting is illegal and any decision thereafter taken is null and void, and therefore compelled to express our strong reservations on the present
state of affairs in our Party in Zone 3 where meetings will be called and the conveners will deliberately exclude the constitutionally recognized leader, Senator Danjuma Laah.
Hon Waziri responding to the question as to whether the crisis signifies there is a crack in the party? There insn’t a crack he said but struggle for power of which the house is doing all it takes to rectify.
“We do not want a factional political leadership to be created in Zone three, as the constitutionally recognized leader of the Zone remains Senator DANJUMA LAAH and any attempt to ridicule or sideline him will be resisted to the latter. How can a political meeting of Zone three be held without the invitation of the senator? This is just any attempt to create chaos and confusion in our great party.
“According to John Maxwell, the leadership expert, The more followers see and hear their leaders being consistent in action and word, the greater their consistency and loyalty.
What they hear they understand. What they see, they believe. So we need leaders who’ll act and behave like this, by saying what they mean and meaning what they say.
“The lack of understanding of the political climate and the character of the majority of the PDP faithful at this material time is worrisome. How can you comprehend a situation where people go around spreading false and malicious stories that the five Aspirants have stepped down from the chairmanship race, when indeed we are all still in the race.
“The PDP constitution has provision for the senatorial district executive committee in section 19 (subsection 1 and 2), to be chaired by the State Vice Chairman, also known as the zonal chairman. Unfortunately however, as at today the 19th of August 2020, they are
no longer in office as their tenure has expired and have cease to hold office. Therefore the onus now falls on the highest political office holder from the senatorial district by order of protocol
and hierarchy, the in person of Senator
“This desperate strategy of those behind the illegal meeting are displaying a high degree of negligence, mischief and a tinge of ethnocentrism, since they choose not to follow the laid down procedures of the constitution of the PDP.
“Kaduna State PDP has never experienced a crisis like the one we saw in the last two years and this is due to poor, divisive, stubborn and retrogressive leadership. Therefore, the need to make a change is very pertinent and imperative.
“We are resolute, determined and focused to see to the peaceful and logical conclusion of the congresses and will not be distracted.
Looking forward to a successful outcome, the statement added.
“We will like to use this medium to welcome the Chairman and Secretary of the Caretaker committee to Kaduna State, wishing them a successful, eventful and memorable stay in the liberal state and center of learning.
We know their pedigree as men of honor and integrity and wish to urge and advice them to be firm, resolute and decisive while administering the affairs of the party, and to ensure that fairness, justice and equity remains their watchword as we inch towards the Congresses and be an impartial umpire.
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