Group to Rotimi Amechi:  Fast-tract  the on going Inland Port

Group to Rotimi Amechi:  Fast-tract  the on going Inland Port
A group under the auspices of Good Governance Monitoring Initiative has called on the Minister of Transportation Mr. Rotimi Amechi to fast-tract the on going inland ports in the country.
In a press release signed by the Director General of the group, Comrade Yunusa Abubakar said completing the on-going projects would contribute to the growth of the economic and provide employment in the country.
Good Governance Monitoring Initiative Group is a professional voluntray group saddle with responsibility of monitory polices and projects of the governments in order to advise towards  economic growth particularly through water ways River ports.
He emphasized the need for the Federal Government to engage public private partnerships and other private investment portfolios in inland ports and water ways haulage for the development of the country.
Comrade Yunusa Abubakar also advised  Minister of Transportation to open concession process for Onitsha, Baro, Lekki, Warri, Lokoja, Oguta and Nembe river ports to private operators in order to move the ports forward.
” No doubt Nigeria is in dare need of transport infrastructure to convey easily merchandise at convenient economic fares and costs and to have a meaningful return. He said”.
” The development of rail and water ways transportation modes in Nigeria was envisaged to prop up operations of the inland water ways with the traditional link up with the road and rail modes for the purpose of providing inter-modal connectivity that will rationalize hinterland haulage and passengers services to be shared by the road, rail and water ways modes that could be at interphase with seaports, pipeline depots and airports. He said”.
The Director General of the group the construction of river ports is strategically important to the realization of the multi- modal transport development that the ministry of transportation should give it a higher priority.
According to him, inland ports, inland water ways and inland river transportation remain the backbone of international shipping of Europe and Nigeria need to key into the project.
“federal government cannot diversify the ecomony through non oil exports without a conscious effort of providing evacuation network for bulky solid minerals and other non oli products which are all more cost effectively move by inland water ways. inland water ways operations are more cost effective efficient and environmentally friendly and can give Nigeria the next level benefit of transportation if so desire that is currently lacking. He further explained.
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