Group Tasks Nigerians To Remain A United Force … Commends Sen. Shehu Sani’s contribution to Humanity

Group Tasks Nigerians To Remain A United Force
… Commends Sen. Shehu Sani’s contribution to Humanity
Zainab Tanimu

Kaduna, North – Nigeria

A group under the auspices of ‘I Am  A Nigerian’ has called on Nigerians to see themselves as a united force as that will take the country to greater height.
It said rather than threading themselves along tribal and religious divide they should use their diversity to move the country forward.
This charge was given by the group at Senator Shehu Sani’s residence while on a courtesy visit.
Senator Shehu Sani was a one time senator representing Kaduna Central Senatorial District under the All Progressive Party, APC but now with the People’s Redemption Party, PRP.
Speaking on behalf of the group, the coordinator of the movement, Denham Julius said Senator Shehu Sani was one person the group holds in high esteem, saying, the senator, despite all challenges has continued to touch on the lives of the people.
The Secretary of the group, Grace Ayuba gave an example of her community where bore hole was provided and empowerment extended to some of women.
“My community has benefited from you. There are boreholes you sank in Television and are still being enjoyed. There are shops we still see your name.”
Still explaining, Denham said ‘I Am A Nigerian’ is a coalition of all Nigerians from the six geopolitical zones.
The sole purpose is to unite Nigerians.
“We want everyone to know that they are all important in NIgeria.
“We want to see Nigerian people become one even in their diversity.
“Some people take advantage of diversity to divide and exploit us.
“We aim to eliminate dividing factors and orientate Nigerian citizens of importance of every citizen.
“I strongly believe why other countries look down on us as a nation is that we have failed to place value on citizens.
“The one binding factor that keeps us together is the name NIgeria. If a nation is defined by its people not location, it is important we promote Nigerians against regional identities.
“We must embrace our diversity and become one nation, not tolerate the diversity.
According to the group it is better to build the nation together rather than inviting an external body for that will increase the bond of unity and make the nation stronger.
It has been prophesied that a time will come that NIgeria will earn its respect and  that time can only come “if we change our approach to each other”.
As a movement, part of their projects is that of encouraging and empowering people with hundred thousand to start small businesses.
The group appreciating the Senator and his human rights activism seeked for way forward.
“We felt there are people like you that have played great role in uniting Nigeria, your experience can go a long way in shaping our movement and guide us in the right part.
A generation will come that will imotalise you. Just keep your good work. You are exceptional. The group said.
Presently, the group has13 offices in states and hoping to cover 36 states and Abuja.
Responding, the distinguished Senator appreciating their visit urged them to remain focus in their mission.
Though tough it might be because challenges are bond to come their way, they should develop that will power of attaining their goal.
“I would appreciate your vision and concerns because there are some fundamental of Socio-economic Importance that prompted you to set this up.
“In a society it is not everyone that is organised with conscience to address issues in society.
“It takes conscience or conviction to either forming or joining one group for making an impact to change.
It is not the number of.people that are out to pursue a cause, but the determination.
It takes a small number of people determined to a cause towards realisation.
I have always welcomed presence of individuals that organise themselves towards achieving a cause.  As time goes on, it is either you increase or decrease. There are people who would drop along the way as a result of challenges, or so many things. As some people go, some also will come.
Right from the time we were born, Nigeria is still struggling to get it’s bearing he said. Reason being that people tend to see themselves as coming from a particular section of the country.
Lamenting, he said most of the people that have taken arms today were one time believers of the country until certain time when things became unbearable.
“But I must tell you that you will face challenges, but you must work to surmount them.
“In our country, we are 60 years of Independence but you will find out NIgeria is still struggling to find itself as a nation because you see yourself as Northern, Southern or others.
“The North is a reality but the South is a myth because the North was under one person and also spoke a lingua Franca.
“In a country like this, most of the guys who took up arms once believed in the unity of this country up to when they decided that there is need for divorce.
On the general note, he said, Nigerian leaders have failed this country. The lawmaker spoke on some unpatriotic laws, laws detrimental to people’s freedom example being that which tries  ‘to handcuff’ the media which gives people right to expression.
One should be given the rights to express their minds. he said.
However, he advised against transferring anger on government. As a body, there are forces they will have to face  unless the organization tries to be a peace builder can they succeed.
If the Government is bad, negative, let’s bring in one that will work. But proponent of divorce believe one section dominates and it is irreversible, so the only thing is divorce. I must warn you there are forces you will encounter.
“Let your organization be seen to be a bridge builder. Meet with people who want to secede and engage them in dialogue.
“What Southern NIgeria has that is not strong up here is that they believe in selfless organisations.
“It is not just River Niger that divided us, there is a lot of factors we have to work to catch up with them.
“When we were fighting a brutal military regime, Gani, Beko and many others were from the south only few from the North.
The minds of the people are being manipulated by the elites.
“I have been in Politics and civil society so I know. For example, you see a group of people, bandits are killing them, they are hungry they are poor. You advise them.on the way to go. Another group will come to them and tell them people from the south are killing them and trying to divide the country.
“The irony of NIgeria is that when you are out in a place like South South, South East and South West, they are like 35 percent and when election comes, it goes the other way.
Another example, if you go to a place like Tudun Wada, brilliant youth will discuss and plan how to bring about change about 20 of them. They go to execute on election day, but you see on that day  three hundred women will be given N200 each and they go to queue up behind the other candidate.
For an organization like yours, do not pick so many things you want to achieve, pick only few.
“There is need to direct your energy on younger minds. He advised.
“Do we have a country, yes we do. And people sit down here without seeing other countries. You have to go somewhere to either appreciate your country or denounce it”. He stated.
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