Connecting With Youth, Surest Way To   Promoting Peace – NASFAT

Connecting With Youth, Surest Way To   Promoting Peace – NASFAT
Zainab Tanimu
Kaduna, Northwest Nigeria
Nastrul Lahil-L Fatih Society (NASFAT) has stressed on the need to connect with our youth as a way of promoting peace in our homes and the society at large.
This message ran key in the lecture
Titled, “The Role Of Youth In National Security” delivered by Permanent Commissioner, Kaduna State  Peace  Commission, Hajiya Khadijah Hawajah Gambo during “Women Connect With Youth” Programme held at NASFAT mosque Kaduna.
The top provoking lecture which was meant to remind parents of their responsibilities towards their wards urged parents to take their tasks seriously as that will help to mold the behavior of our youth.
Hajiya Khadijah quoting from the Holy Quran said,
” The Quran teaches us to be much concern of the hereafter (aljalna) as we are of this world. She emphasized.
Speaking about the youth and security, youth she stressed are key to the sustainability of peace in any society.
Greater percentage of our population are youth and therefore the need to focus attention to the proper upbringing of our children. “We cannot have well behaved youth except they are well brought up by their parents”. She added
According to the resource person,
parents are supposed to be friends to their children in order that they can trust and open up to them in times of needs. Not only that, they should be one whom they can look on to as role model.
It is only when the children begin to have confidence in their parents, seeing them as friends can they open up on their problems. She emphasized.
 Hajiya Khadijah explaining the importance of peace in one’s life/society, urged everyone to seek for Allah’s peace saying, nothing works where there is no peace. Be it our homes or society.
Allah she said deserves our worship while stressing on all and sundry to pray for peace in our country.
“Allah deserves our solemn and unconditional devotion. It is not money, not children that gives one peace. It is more than that. There is need to ask Allah to give us peace because it is only Allah that can give peace.
“There are people who have everything in this world but Allah takes off peace from them. Some with power and everything but it’s difficult for them to either breathe or move, for it is He, Allah who makes all provisions.
“As Muslims and people who believe in the message of Allah and also guided by the Quran / Hadith of the Holy Prophet SAW, Allah commands us to worship Him and Him alone.”
Still sharing her wealth of experience, the erudite scholar acknowledged the importance of Muslim men and women seeking for knowledge (Islamic/orthodose) as that will help to guide them in their day to day activities.
For those who find themselves in leadership positions, the task is enormous.
“The term leadership is more than how people view it.
Leaders are deputies of Allah on earth and are entrusted with enormous tasks.
“As leaders wherever you find yourself, be it political leader, religious, community leader, leader as a father, mother, uncle, sister, you are charged by Allah with responsibilities of which you will answer for on the day of judgement. She reminded.
The Peace Commission Boss called on citizens to respect and pray for leaders.
While encouraging the need to strife for an ideal home with well behaved children in order to have a better society;
she said Allah has assigned individuals their roles and that it is when such roles clash or are being neglected that we begin to witness problems in our homes which affects a larger society.
She attributed these vices being exhibited today by our youth as an after effect of negligence of our roles.
“We are leaders in our own different capacities and failure to manage our responsibilities well will pose danger to the corporate existence of the society.”
“Allah charges men (husbands) to be fair and just to their wives, children and family for it is a test for them for they will give account on the day of judgement on how they managed their homes.”
Likewise she said, the women (wives) will also be accountable for their actions saying, women should carry out their responsibilities as required. Obedience to their husbands as well as being supportive to their husbands when the going is tough attracts reward.
“Allah created men and women and gave them their roles. Where one is deficient in his /her role, there will be confusion. Allah has divided the roles . A mother cannot take up double role of a father and a mother. Men should take charge of their responsibilities”. She advised.
In her words of caution, hajiya Gambo urged parents to be mindful of their ulterrances for any negative action displayed by either party will give the children a different look on life.
Some Nigerian men call their wives all manners of names or reprimand them in presence of children. That is unacceptable. And for those who feel women do not deserve to be respected. Women have rights to be respected saying, ” there is need for men to have Peace with their wives”.
This she supported with a quote from the Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW.
“The best amongst you men according to the Holy Prophet, is you who is good to your wives. “
And to the nagging and dis-respectful Nigerian wives, who make the home a living hell for their husbands is a call for a sober reflection for the Quran states that, ‘the woman’s aljalna is at the feet of the husband’. She cautioned.
As for the youths, in as much as their is unemployment in the country which has caused restiveness in our youths leading to all manners of vices, the call is that government should wake up to its responsibilities by providing a better living condition for it’s citizenry.
She charged the youth to remain law abiding by distancing themselves from crimes by engaging themselves in meaningful activities rather than allowing themselves to be used by some unscrupulous elements in the society.
The general call is that there is need for attitudinal change for only then can we have a better home and society. The  home is the reflection of what the society will look like. She added.
“We cannot have youth who are good except from the good upbringing of our homes. Parents should be good role models to their children. She advised.
Hajiya Khadijah impressed with what she saw on ground after being taken round the premises by team of women management was in Zonal Missionary office, Imam Marooph Muh’d Raji. They discussed modalities on how NASFAT and Peace Commission could have a robust collaboration in the promotion of peace.
NASFAT Zonal Women Leader,
Hajiya Mulikat Bukoye together with the Women Affairs Secretary, Hajiya Kudirat Akande presented a token to the guest speaker, Hajiya Khadijah Hawajah Gambo as they wish her blessings in her job.
In a brief interview with Newsreservoir Hajiya Bukoye said the programme ” Women Connect With Youth” was organized in compliance with the directive from the headquarters.
Though they have been connecting with the youth but on a lower level but with this programme the rapport will be further strengthen. She assured.
“The directive is strictly from the headquarters. With the insecurity problems we are facing in the country especially in the north, particularly in Kaduna, that is why the programme is organized.
Our guess Lecturer l must admit has done justice to the topic. Telling parents what they need to do. Before a child gets exposed to the society, the first place of exposure is the home, with the parents.
She has mentored us on good parenting. We appreciate her and give thanks to Almighty Allah SWT to reward her.
As to whether the women have been connecting with the youth, she has this to say.
“Yes, but not like this. Once in a while we do. Our relationship with the youth is very cordial. Whenever they have programme they invite us and when we have we do invite them too. As mother’s we advise them and they heed to it.
As to what this programme has added in terms of relating with the youth, she said.
We mothers l must confess have a big task, a big role to play with regards to the youth to put them on the right track. As mothers we should try and ensure that the home is peaceful. If a home is peaceful it is a combined efforts of both the mother and father. With the lecture we had today, we will make sure that we heed to all that have been said about keeping a peaceful home the way the Quran has taught us.
There are so many things we have left behind that we aught to know as a parent to ensure that our children are on the right direction. Insha Allah as we have had this today, a lot of changes will happen.
Hajiya Bukoye speaking on a general note called on every parents irrespective of tribe or religion to rise up and ensure that discipline is imbibed in our children for that is what will reflect on the larger society.
“Ha! our youth nowadays have gone beyond what our expectation is. Even these politicians they use the youth. Their children will be in their houses but will use those youth on the street. These are youth that are not properly brought up. They don’t have discipline; what hausas call ‘taribiya’, and can easily go astray.
“I am appealing to all parents to please, and please make sure our responsibilities are carried out as parents on our children.
‘The father should not be a run away father, even if you don’t have at least you’re at home with your family, at least you will rub minds together and when there are lapses, together you join hands to solve it. When you as father is not always home, how do you achieve that? A woman cannot raise the children alone.
Please our children are our future, our children are our tomorrow, we should try and raise them well.” She called.
Whether NASFAT women are in collaboration with the interfaith group in Kaduna, the answer is yes.
“Yes we are partners. What we have learnt now whenever we have the opportunity to meet with them, we shall rub minds together. This lecture is meant for both Muslims and non Muslims because we are in the same community, we are in the same state and in the same Nigeria.
 If there is no peace, no one will be restful at home. Peace is the major thing we are looking for now. May Allah give everyone of us peace of mind.
Also speaking, NASFAT Kaduna Women Affair Secretary, Hajiya Kudirat Akande  also called on parents to take their responsibilities seriously.
“We brought Security Expert to shed more light and educate our mothers and fathers on their responsibilities, not to neglect their children who are supposed to be leaders of tomorrow. If these youth do not have somebody to caution them, they turn something else.  They turn violent and even some of them joining banditry which will affect the larger society.
“Mothers usually spend more time with their children and children copy what they see so if you are a mother we expect to see good examples from you. For example, how you carry yourself, relationship with your neighbour even with their father.
“The relationship should be very cordial and with good morals. It is what they see at home some of them go to show outside thinking is the right thing which affects the larger society. This is why our manner of approach both at home and to our neighbours is very important.
Also contributing Youth Amir, NASFAT Kaduna Branch,  Brother Lukman  Raji
who spoke through his deputy Abdul Lateef Tajudeen described the role of youth in ensuring peace in any society as very key. NASFAT Kaduna he said has carried out several activities that could help to curb youth restiveness.
“We have organized so many programmes like lectures, seminars, exposing our youth to ‘fique’, Islamic jurispudence, enlightening ourselves as well as empowering the youth.
NASFAT youth has helped immensely not only in the propagation of lslam but also in the promotion of peace in all ramification.
We encourage cordial relationship. We always preach it that as Muslims, not only do we see ourselves as one. Not seeing  oneself as hausa, lgala, Nupe Igbo or yoruba. NASFAT is a mini Nigeria with different tribes coming together for a common goal of building an enlightened society.
“Our Prophet SAW have always tried to portray the beauty of Islam through his behaviour and by so doing some of the non believers tried to emulate him and even accepted Islam. So as Muslims we should learn to tolerate ourselves, irrespective of ones tribe or religion.
To my fellow youths, l will advise that we get something doing no mater how small because resorting to criminality is not the answer to the problem. I am also calling on the government to put every machinery in place to rescue the situation.
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