Ramadan: Church Distributes Food Items to Less Privileged Muslims and IDPs


Ramadan: Church Distributes Food Items to Less Privileged Muslims and IDPs

By Zainab Tanimu

Kaduna, North-West NIGERIA

In the spirit of Ramadan, the  church of Christ Evangelical and life intervention  ministry , Sabon Tasha,  Kaduna North western Nigeria has distributed some bags of  millets and maize  to hundreds  of persons  with disabilities  and some members of  internally displaced  person IDPs in some parts of the state.

According to the General Over seer of the church,  pastor Yohanna Buru, the aim of assisting the less privileged and the IDPs with the food items  is for them  to have enough to eat during the 30 days of fasting and prayers.

Buru said, with enough food at their disposal, it would ease the pains of going about in search of food for their families.

He said that the Church was in the forefront of promoting inter-religious tolerance in Kaduna State, adding that the gesture was to deepen peaceful co-existence between Muslims and Christians so as to enhance better understanding among different faith base organizations in the state.

Buru said, “the church has bought many Bags of food stuff to share to the less privileged Muslims in other to encourage them in their 30 days of  fasting and prayers”.

Every year he said, the church bails out large number of Muslim youths from Kaduna prison  so as to enable them  get freedom to  go back home and join the rest of their friends, families and relatives in the 30 days of fasting.

He urged them to use the period to pray to Almighty God to end all the bloodshed and daily killings in the northern region which is becoming a big threat to national and international security.

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“We must remember that we are from one family Adam and Eve, worshiping one God. We all believe in paradise and hell as well as believe in the day of resurrection. We all have our holy Books which guide us on how to relate with one another. The Christian clerics felicitate with the Muslims. He added.

“We must support our brothers and sisters with what to eat in these 30 days in view of the high cost of food items in the market”.

Buru urged Muslims to redouble their efforts in prayers and read the Holy Qur’an as well as attend Tafsir lectures in order to seek God’s blessings and interventions to overcome challenges being faced in Africa and the world in general with regards to peace and stability.

He tasked Muslims all over the world to remember Internally Displaced Persons, destitutes, widows, orphans and inmates in their daily prayers and to also support them with food, clothes and shelter.

Marketers he appealed should cut-down the prices of foodstuff so as to enable both Muslims and Christians and other religious believers to buy commodities at affordable prices.

Responding on behalf of persons with disability in Kaduna state, Comrade Rilwani Abdullahi, said, “We are really glad with the food items which the church has brought to us. This will surely help us with what to eat, as no one remembers our existence”. This is one man that cares for the less privileged in the society”. He added.

Rilwan appealed to wealthy Muslims to remember the less privileged, orphanage homes and the IDPs  in the society.


Maman Aisha Gamborin Gala one of the refugees from Borno state responding on behalf of the refugees thanked the church for remembering the IDPs.

“I received Maize and millet with some money to enable us start the Ramadan fast”.

While she called on wealthy Muslim individuals to follow suit, she enjoined Muslims scholars to use the Ramadan period to pray for peace to reign in the country particularly the North-eastern Nigeria so that they can go back home and join their families.