Zainab Tanimu ——–Kaduna

President Muhammadu Buhari has been described as antidote to solving the enormous problems confronting the nation. A man with the burning desire to take Nigeria to the next level hence, the fight against corruption.

This was revealed by the Senior Special Assistant on Political Matters, Rt. Hon.  Gideon Sammani while fielding questions from journalists during a campaign and sensitization workshop organized in Kaduna, North-West Zone, Nigeria.

The workshop was organized to acquait the people on the achievements of Mr. President and his political agenda.

“If President Buhari wants to run for second term come 2019, he would have a landslide victory”. He said.


Sir, could you throw light on some of these achievements?

His achievements are many. In the area of security, take an example, the fight against Boko Haram Insurgence. North-east was dominated by them; fourteen local governments were under their control but now they are defeated. The area has been emancipated and peace has finally returned to the people.

In the area of economy, Buhari administration is trying to diversify the economy by moving away from oil and going back to land as such encouraging people to go back to agriculture. Now we are becoming self- sufficient as far as production of rice is concern. States like Kebbi, Jigawa and some other parts of the North –West now produce rice in large quantity.

Mr. President also has package on capacity development for the youth. In order that they can become self- reliant, he has put in place some programs of social intervention where loans are given as a way of empowering them. There is also the skill acquisition program whereby they are exposed to some vocational skills like the dry season gardening. In fact our youth are now equipped and would no longer need to wait for white collar job.

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But there are those who still believe that the president has not really performed as being speculated. What is your take on that?

Well, they know that the president has been doing very well. Many of them didn’t even believe that the President would come back from his sick bed. God knows that he is sincere in the work of fixing this nation which economy was bastardized by past regimes. Many stole with impunity.  You can see the steadfastness with which the president is fighting corruption and instilling discipline. Remember the case of former petroleum minister; Diezani Allison, how the president has been recovering the monies. The ‘whistle blowing’ has also yielded results.

Do you think the president stands eligible come 2019?

Yes.  Even the people in the south east that did not vote for him, the second Niger bridge is there for them. Their brother could not do it for them. The people for instance who are agitating for Biafra, he has approved that those military that were in the Biafra war should be paid their pensions. The president you would agree with me believes in trying to touch live. The issue of the Ogoni people is another good example. He did the clearance for the Ogoni people. What we are saying here is that many of those who won last election won under the goodwill of Mr. President. Ordinarily, they wouldn’t have won on their own.  What we are telling you is that if Mr. President decides to contest come 2019, it would be a landslide victory and all those that are talking would do nothing. We thank God because he is the one that gave us Mr. President with his Vice President; a professor, a man after God’s heart. I say they are doing wonderfully well.