Barrister Firdaus Amasa in NASFAT  … Stresses On the Use Of Hijab


Barrister Firdaus Amasa in NASFAT

… Stresses on the Use of Hijab

Zainab Tanimu

Kaduna, North -West, NIGERIA

The name Barrister Firdaus Amasa, would continue to be remembered by the Muslim Ummah in Nigeria and the world at large.

Amasa, a Muslim graduate of the Nigerian Law school many have described as a source of blessing and inspiration for the Muslim Ummah.

Fire brand and easy going Amasa if you may recall had sometimes last year insisted on wearing hijab for the call to Bar ceremony which led to a controversy and her denial by the Council of Legal Education from being call to bar.

Guided with a strong belief that one day her struggles would come through Firdaus kept the fire burning until the historic moment, Tuesday, July 2, 2018 when herself and other Muslim sisters were called to bar amidst jubilation of millions of Nigerian Muslims and well-wishers.

She had finally broken the Hijab/call to bar jinx.


Speaking, while delivering her lecture on the importance and virtues of using hijab at NASFAT Kaduna mosque recently, she said.

Wearing hijab is an act of obedience to Allah which attracts reward.


. “You are not wearing hijab because you just chose to wear it. We are wearing it because we are obeying Allah and we are going to earn reward for it.

The hijab itself should not be a display. Allah ordained it so as to cover the beauty of women and not for showing off.

The material of an hijab should not be transparent. The hijab must hang loosely enough and not to be so-tight-fitting as to show the shape and size of the woman’s body. These are some of the requirements of women’s hijab in accordance with the Qur’an.

“The function of a Muslim women’s clothing is to eliminate the lure and beauty of her body from the eye of the beholder.

Hijab is modesty. It is a way of keeping one’s modesty. When you wear hijab, you would be respected. Although, there are lots of things happening  these days under the guise of hijab.

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It is saddening  that people wear hijab and  go to hotel, people wear hijab and still lie; people wear hijab and do a lot of things they should not do. It has reduced what Allah SWT has said in one of the surahs on the need to guide against immoral acts. She lamented.

Apart from this outer garment we call hijab that everyone wears, there is still the need to guide ourselves with an inner hijab so that we can be protected from the evils of this world.

The inner hijab would guide us in our daily activities. In what we do, how we do it, guide us on how to follow the commandments of Allah and our relationship with people.

Still lamenting on the immorality perpetrated by some women in hijab, she had in a brief interview shed light on the following.

What do you mean by inner hijab?

The inner hijab is that which guides our morals. That guides us and perfects our ways, cautions us from doing what Allah says we should not do and encourages us to do that which Allah says we should do. So whoever has inner hijab would have good morals, would be good in interacting with people, would avoid fornication, and would avoid all these evil things happening in the society.

Would it be correct to say inner hijab is in the heart?


It seems there is a gap between the inner hijab and the outer hijab you have mentioned. At what time do you think parents should come in with regards to the upbringing of the child?

At every point of childhood. When we give birth to our child, as they are growing up, we tell them to wear hijab. By so doing they get use to it.

We should also inculcate moral teachings in them so that they would be able to behave in the best manners. Infact, there is nothing left untouched in the Quran and Sunnah. So, Allah (SWT) and the Prophet of Allah, (SAW) has taught us everything that we need to know. So if we teach our children, coupled with what they learn in school with regards to good manners, it would help in shaping their lives.

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There are lots of things they learn in films, in the society, and from peer groups. So teachings by parents would help in forming them into good personalities. May Allah (SAW) make it easy for our parents so that they can shape our lives the best way that would make us a key to jalna.

Could you share with us part of your experience in the cause of you agitating for the use of hijab.

Alhamdullilah. I believe that the hijab issue is something that Allah has perfected Himself. He just used me as an instrument because the way He made it so public even from the night of that December, 2017,  the way people got to know about it, and the way they took it up, it was beyond expectation. I wasn’t expecting it.

The way my friends also supported me, everybody from all over the world were interested in the matter and were ready to fight it to finish. I see it as a matter perfected by Allah.

I say Alhamdullahi and would ever be grateful to God for using me as an instrument.

How did you feel when your wish was finally granted?

Alhamdullilahi. I felt very happy and grateful to Allah because it got to a particular point that l did not even know where it was going to end. There were lots of temptations from people that l wasn’t expecting it from; telling me that l should just comply; l should use the hijab, and that they would call me in July.  But Alhamdullilahi for making me firm on what l stood for. Alhamdullilahi for making it easy by SWT because without Him, things wouldn’t have been possible. I thank Allah for choosing me as a tool for this change.

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The constitution has given the right for one to practice any religion one wants including rights to other freedoms, don’t’ you think these rights are being tampered with by this ideology, permit me to say, of western education?

Yes, they are and the sad thing is that is not as if these things are written down anywhere. It is not written anywhere that we cannot wear hijab. The people who try to stop us from wearing hijab, who try to take this rights from us, who take laws into their hands because we still face this issue of no hijab, no hijab everywhere up till now …

Despite the court ruling?

Yes, up till now despite the ruling.

So, what do you think is the way forward?

The way forward is that l would like to encourage my fellow Muslim sisters that they should know that this is our rights and as long as they continue to deprive us of our rights, we should still insist  that this is our right.

Maybe we have to be more aggressive now. We should try to speak up and take some matters up before we are confronted because most times until we are deprived the rights that we speak up. We should now try to speak out more before the right is being denied. May Allah make it easy for us.

You are being celebrated today by this society. Do you have anything to say?


Almahamdullilahi. I am very grateful for the honour NASFAT has given me

and l pray that Allah (SWT) would continue to bless the society, make it progress and continue to make it more beneficial to the Muslim community.


Amasa was offered a special prayer by NASFAT as they wish her the best in her career.