Kaduna: Frog Sellers Cry Out,  Tells Government to Provide Security  in the Bush

Roasted Frog Meat

Kaduna: Frog Sellers Cry Out,  Tells Government to Provide Security  in the Bush

Zainab Tanimu

Kaduna,  North-West,  Nigeria

The market for frog meat is now booming in northern Nigeria as many youth now engage in catching frogs and other aquatic animals for sale in order to make ends meet.

Felix Peter, one of the team leaders Kaduna  youth, based in unguwan Gwari community in Kaduna started this business  of going to rivers and ponds to catch  frogs and other aquatics for sale for the past  3 years.

This he revealed while chatting with journalists who paid him a visit at his place of business  where he displayed some of the frogs meant for sales.

“ it was  lack of job that make me  start this business, and I enjoyed the business because there is big market for it all over the 19 northern states including Abuja the capital city of Nigeria.”

“ it was difficult for me  to start the business from the beginning but now am very  good in the business because everyday  l  usually go to the pond and grabbed  some frogs which I  used  to bring home and preserved them for sale”

“After catching them from various places,

Roasted Frog Meat

we dissect and roast them  and then we package them inside the cartoon and we put some in some bags for sales to our marketers that usuallay comes from various states”.

“ I was a mechanic before I abandoned the business and join this one”

“Our buyers told us that frog meat is delicious and that is why they like eating it always in the soup”

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“We sell each frog  at the price of one hundred Naira but we sell 3 frogs for two hundred naira.”

According to Felix, it wasn’t an easy business from the inception but

“due to lack of job, I have to commence the business and its making me happy.

“Am paying my children school fees and takes care of all my needs. Feeding all members of my family as well as take good care of my wife through the  catching of frogs and sales”

Felix said every day, he makes maximum of 5,000 naira and that is what makes him happy.

He however expressed dissatisfaction over how insecurity is affecting them. He called on the state government to provide all the needed security in the bush.

The rise of frog meats market in Northern Nigeria no doubt has helped in reducing unemployment as it has encouraged large number of kaduna youth to embark  on catching frogs and other aquatics animals for sales to reduce  poverty.

Suffices to say that by rescuing the youth from idleness,  it has it has helped in reducing the high level of crimes in the society as majority of the youth have abandoned the little businesses  they  do for survival and embrace what they term as the juicy business of catching frogs  for sales.

With the high level of patronage since findings have revealed that aside the fact thst the meat is being used for cooking, the internal organs of the frogs is also being used for traditional medicine.

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Abubakar Shelang another young man who is into frog grabbing business in kaduna said, he was into other businesses but he had to abandon them and embrace this one because the frog market is lucrative.

“ I was a brickler and I repair bread mixing machine but the business is not moving. That is why I left it and join this one.

“We take our roasted  frogs meat to many

Roasted dissect frog meat

places across the entire North because the demand for frog meat is high and we are making money every day through this business.

“Every day I go to frog catching , I make good money and that takes care of all my need”

He then called on youth to shun idileness while encouraging them to embrace skilled acquisition and find other creative avenues so as to reduce dependency on their parents and guardians.

Abubakar appealed to government to help them with modern equipment of catching frogs so as to over come the challenges they face when catching big frogs and other aquatics animals in the river.

“There is no job in the country, one has to be creative to survive in this country”

“There are millions of youth that are wasting their time looking for white-color-job, but am advising them to be creative and fight poverty.”

Madam Mercy john is one of the frogs dealer that buys them from the youth and transport them to many places across the entire North.

She thanked the youth for the business they are doing while also thanking them for helping her to have more customers from many places including some from neighboring countries.

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Mercy said, the bussines has helped her become who she is today.

According to her, ”She has houses and many cars and even acquired  large  acres of land in Abuja.”

Mercy called on the Government to support the youth with some capital so as to start making frog ponds same as we have fish ponds.

This she said will reduce the danger the youth face when they go to the river to catch frogs.

She said people from different parts of Nigeria  now purchase  reptile and frogs in large quantities to take back home and cook good food with it.’’

“Am calling on women like me to close their eyes and start business so as to stop disturbing their husbands.”

Musa Dan Auta another frog buyer told journalists that frog soup is delicious and tastes nice.

He said he has been eating frog meat since when he was a boy before getting married.

The youth engaging in this business are between the ages of 26 -34 and They are simply called the frog grabbers  and are many in number.