Stakeholders in Kaduna Vow to take Sports to Next Level, Strategizes Wayforward 


Stakeholders in Kaduna Vow to take Sports to Next Level, Strategizes Wayforward

Zainab Tanimu

Kaduna,  North-West, Nigeria

Sports Stakeholders in Kaduna today in an emergency meeting have assured their readiness to assist the state government in taking sports to greater heights as they chart way forward to sports development in the state.

Chairman Kada City Football  Club,   Hon. Ekene Abubakar Adams the convener of the meeting held at the Ahmadu Bello Stadium while fielding questions from   members of Kaduna Sports Writers Association (SWAN) shortly after the meeting had stressed on the need to put the right peg in the right hole as that would help in taking sports to the next level.

 What informed the decision of the stakeholders in Kaduna  state to converged? 
Neglect,  attitude. The way sports has been  run in this administration.

 For the past five years l think this is the worst government when it come to sports development in the history of Kaduna state.
 The stakeholders felt we need to  come together, seat down and look at the issue properly and see where we have gone wrong.
The areas where we need to  advice the government we would  do that and where  we  need to tell the government that they must come in and add value, we would definitely call their attention.
We never had the intention to attack  anybody or any personality or to be confrontational but we think we need to come in to help the youth and the state generally.
What are the identified problems?
A lot. Take a look at Kaduna  today. We are blessed  with sports facilities, we are blessed  with athletes.
Take a look at  the stadium but today we are the least when it comes to sports development in Kaduna.
Of recent there was state federation cup final being hosted here in Kaduna, we never  had  representatives from the government. We never had commissioner youth and sports and never anyone that would  give hope to the youth and we had more than 17000 visitors.
Some states had their governors,  deputy governor. Is that an encouragement?
Secondly,  last week there was a zonal elimination for national festival for youth here in Kaduna. You see, Kaduna state
 being identified with so many  sports that they were not going to participate. Why? They tell you because the government have sacked coaches in that ministry  and since they sacked the coaches there had been no replacement and  for that reason they are not going to participate in the sports.
So, we asked some questions because where it bordered me and concerns me is football.
 I said why in football?  They said they had no coaches. I asked did you call the stakeholders  and find out if we can get emergency coaches?
 ‘l’ and other stakeholders  went into action and sponsored Kaduna state.
Sports Stakeholders in Kaduna during the Emergency Meeting at the Ahmadu Bello Stadium

Imagine within 7 hours we called on the coaches,  call the youth  and they came in beat Kano 3-0, and beat Sokoto 3-1 and the youth qualified for their festival  that would be hosted in Ilorin next week.

So if you look at it critically from the last administration mall. Nasiru El-Rufai got commissioner who had no interest in sports, he was just smuggled into it, dabbled into it and the darling team of the state went into relegation in the name of privitization.
Yes, the government can make millions from privatization.  Can make millions in sports but you must get the right people with the right attitude.
 You must get the right people that have the concept, get the right people with passion.
 I bet you the governor is taking the right step by him saying he is not a kick for everybody to come and take and run away.
The people he is bringing in to head this ministry have no knowledge in sports but instead would rather take us backward not forward so we are trying to call on him to look at it critically and with this pressure l believe  something positive would be achieved.
What gives you that hope? 
In other meetings we held, we had never seen a large house like this. Everybody had something to  offer.
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