World Peace Day: Eye Opener Youth/Women Foundation to Restore Peace and Unity in Kaduna State- President


World Peace Day: Eye Opener Youth/Women Foundation to Restore Peace in Kaduna State- President

The Eye Opener Youth/Women Foundation, a non- governmental organization  has expressed its commitment towards restoring peace and unity in Kaduna state.
The President of the Foundation, Mrs. Margaret Kwa’ada Julius made this known when together with her team on Monday were at the Kaduna State Council of the Nigerian Union of Journalists (NUJ) on a courtesy visit.
Margaret expressng the Foundation’s worries over what it described as unacceptable, the present situation in Kaduna where people live under ethnic and religious divide said her Foundation is all out to restore peace and unity in Kaduna state as sensitization is on going in all the nooks and crannies of the state on the need for peaceful co-existence among citizenary.
Lamenting, she said.
“l was born and brought up in Kaduna state. I know how Kaduna state is. There is no problem without solution so whatever is happening in the state, in the country, we can fix it. Nobody would fix it for us.
In Eye Opener, we are here to work and fix things.
Our target, our passion is to work and restore the glory of our dear state, Kaduna state.”
All hands she said must be on deck for things to work out. Everyone must play his role in ensuring peaceful atmosphere for thing to strife. She emphasized.
“We have been meeting with stakeholders,  religious leaders on this issue particularly on the issue of our youth. WeY encourage everybody to go and do their work. If everybody is doing what he/she is supposed to do, we would not have all these problems.”
Explaining further on the youth, many who she said have taken to drugs and other vices because “some of these youth have already been wounded some from their early ages due to lack of parental love and others dumped by some politicians who use them for their political gains.” She lamented.
According to her, the Foundation as part of its strategies to bring these youth back on track goes to jungles to sensitize them on possible reformation and them embracing the word of peace.
“Aferall, no one is born an addict, no one is born a thief, no one is born a prostitute.
“When we go into the jungle you find out that these wounded  people in the jungle are one. At that level they speak the same language. What binds them at that level is drugs.
Since they are one at that level and some of them want to come out of this thing they are living in, also, some of them truely  knowing  that some of these politicians don’t like them but use them by giving them stipends during elections and dump them, at that level, we try to sensitize them.
And when they are taken through rehabilitation system and seeing the love extended on them, their eyes are opened to reality.”
This strategy she informed is already yielding positive results.
The government however has a role to play as there are no adequate reformation centres nor vocational training centres to cater for these youth (drug addicts) whom she said show readiness to start a new live.
Provision should be made for job opportunities for the youth to take them off these vices. She added.
Mrs. Margaret also called for the support of the media in its campaign.
Kaduna NUJ Council she had commended for its commitments and professionalism in their reportage.
The President noted that with the support of the government and good people of Kaduna state, restoring peaceful co-existence and the state’s lost glory would be a sucess story.
In his response, the Council Chairman, Nigeria Union of Journalists Kaduna, Comrade Adamu Yusuf, assured the Council’s readiness to support the Foundation in helping to disemination its activities.
Kaduna NUJ he said is blessed with cream of professionals while promising members’ continious enhancement  of professionalism in their reportage.
” NUJ Kaduna is unique in terms of so many things. I am proud to be part of NUJ Kaduna.
Apart from having all the national dailies representatives here, l am proud to say that all the onlines that we have in Kaduna are members of NUJ.  They are all registered and binded by the ethics of the profession. We do not have cases of fake news like in other places.”  He said.