National Handball Division One League: Kano Coach Speaks to Sports Writers

National Handball Division One League: Kano Coach Speaks to Sports Writers
Zainab Tanimu
Kaduna, North-West, Nigeria
 Ahmed Ismail is the coach of Kano Pyramid Handball team and he talked to Sports Writers on the sidelines after his team’s second match at the murtala Muhammed Square Kaduna.
Read the interview:
Your names please: My name is Ahmed Ismail the coach of Kano Pyramid Handball team
Q: So far how many matches have you played and how many have you won?
Coach: We came in late,Thursday, and we played our first match today against Bayelsa and we lost with 5goals
Q: That means there was a walk-over yesterday?
Coach: No there was no walk-over and we are playing Kwara by the grace of God 10am tomorrow (Saturday) morning and we hope to win that match.
Q:Are you satisfied with the performance of your boys despite the fact that they lost?
Coach: Yes, this is their first time playing in bigger match. They just graduated from under 21 so this is their major senior championship.
Q: And you still have hope of turning Kwara down because this is Division One heading to Premier League.
Coach: Yes. Everyone that comes here come for a purpose so you don’t underrate anybody. The match is open but l hope we will get there.
Q: How do you see the organization here taking cognisance of the fact that you came late?
Coach: Yes, we came late, despite that, they still accepted us and registered us and we are playing today. l say, they (organizers) have done well.
Q: What is responsible for your lateness?
Coach: It is as a result of bad road from Kano to Kaduna. If you have been to that road you will know how it is. We were in hold up for almost 3hrs.
No financial issue, administrative?
Coach: No, No, No.
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