NASFAT President Graces Kaduna Women’s Week Says, NASFAT Mission And Vision is My Focus


NASFAT President Graces Kaduna Women’s Week Says, NASFAT Mission And Vision is My Focus

Zainab Tanimu

Kaduna, North-West, Nigeria

The newly elected Nastrul-Lahi-L Fatih Society’s (NASFAT) President Worldwide, Alhaji Mumini Olaniyi Yusuf has expressed his determination  to focus on the mission and vision of NASFAT in order to take the society to greater height.

This he said while intimating journalists on the four focal points of NASFAT which he said would receive utmost attention during his tenure.

The President who was in Kaduna to grace NASFAT Kaduna Women’s Week Programme, Titled, “The Muslimat as Catalyst for Maintaining Peace and Harmony”, said the four key areas (Health, Education, Sustainable livelihood for members and Da’awah) are germane to the general well-being of members.

Together with his abled team they will drive the wheel to desirable height. He assured.

“We plan to focus our attention on four things. Health, Education, Livelihood and Da’wah. 

It’s all about, how do we promote healthy living for our members? How do promote education for our members be it western or Arabic? How do we allow our members to have sustainable means of livelihood and lastly, how do we bring members to understand Islam, to do what is right and run away from what is bad?

These are the four things we would like to focus on.” He said. 

Niyi had expressed satisfaction over the on-going projects in Kaduna branch while urging that they maintain the temple for the benefit of not only the members but community as a whole. 

“I am delighted at what l have seen and what the society has established in Kaduna. 

Today, we have well above 200 students across various classes in the nursery and primary school. 

I have inspected the Arabic school where adults learn during the week. l have inspected the clinic, the proposed digital media studio and that gives me a sense of joy.

I am happy that Kaduna branch is doing something around health, education and da’wah and my prayer is that God continues to bless all of our members and make them steadfast in the religion of Islam.

The President aside being the Guest of Honour for the Women’s Week Programme, according to him was also on a two day working visit to Kaduna Zone to ascertain how far and how well NASFAT is faring within the northern zone.

L-R: NASFAT President, Alh. Mumuni Olaniyi Yusuf and NASFAT Kaduna Chairman Engr. Muhyideen Alimi Yusuf inspecting on-going project

Areas visited includes Zaria and Maraban Jos. 

The Guest Speaker of the Occasion Hajiya Rabi Musa Saulawa delivering her lecture titled, “The Muslimat as Catalyst for Maintaining Peace and Harmony”,  acknowledged NASFAT’s choice of topic which she described as timely adding that her organization Jam’iyar Matan Arewa had an agenda in that direction for there is the need “to unite the women of Northern Nigeria” irrespective of religious or tribal or political affiliation because these three factors she said are  the things dividing them for ages.

“Without unity, our society cannot progress. Without peace and harmony, no society can survive.


      Cross Section of NASFAT Women                    Hajiya Rabi Musa Saulawa Delivering Lecture

The speaker in a description of who a Muslimat is said, she is a Muslim woman who practices Islam.

Women she said are supposed to be agents of change as such they too need to change before they can be able to change others. 

“We have to change because most of these problems we are having today are self made problems.

 If we are not good mothers, how do we change our husbands, children and of course the society? 

Some of the attributes of a Muslimat she said includes, ‘total obedience to her creator. She is a practicing Muslim woman who knows that life of this world is nothing but a test from the Lord and doing more and more deeds to please Him and restricting herself from the desires of inner self that go against the will of her creator.

She feels shy to do anything that would displease her Lord.

A Muslimat she described as one who is modest. This should be reflected in the way she talks, she walks, her dressing and how she carries herself.

Being truthful and honest is an essential quality of a believer.She added.

Patience is a characteristic that cannot be praised enough. A Muslimah should remain patient during hardship and learn  to rely on Allah’s help and mercy always. 

She should be obedient to God and also her husband. Saying,

 “If we are good Muslims there are many things that we can change. She sounded.

Her role in peace making is also very important. Hajiya Rabi continued.

“In the golden history of Islam, Muslim women made glorious contributions to peace making and peace building.

Rabi urged every woman to contribute actively in bringing about peace. 

Reminding them of the theme of the programme, “Muslimah as catalyst to maintaining peace and harmony”, a catalyst she said is an event or person that can cause a change thus, a Muslimah is expected to do all within her reach to foster change and stability in the society. She urged the women to be good catalysts by ensuring that they practice and inculcate the attributes of true Muslimah both at home and the larger society.

A good Muslimah Rabi stressed must encourage her neighbors, Muslims or Christians, all ethnic group to join her in her quest of neighborhood family communion ship.

Still stressing on oneness, displaying such healthy qualities would go a long way in bringing togetherness and peaceful co-existence in the society and nation at large. She stated.

In her speech, the wife of the Executive Governor Kaduna state, Her Excellency, Aisha Ummi Garba El-Rufai who spoke through her representative, Hajiya Zainab Yusuf Muhammed commended NASFAT Kaduna Women for their efforts in peace building.

 “It is a step in the right direction. We really need this kind of events to be more often. You know we, the Muslim women we need to be more enlightened, more remembered of what Allah has said and our duties to the nation at large. 

“Remembrance makes people get closer to God. So, it is important that we keep up this good work and NASFAT has been doing it and l pray that Allah will give you the strength to continue to do it.

The strength to support women and children and of course not just women but every other Muslims in Nigeria and the world at large to know their rights, to know what they are supposed to do because we are not just in the world to enjoy but to also worship Allah SWT. 

“We should remember that one day we would be accountable for whatever we do.

Women have been described as peace builders as such should strive towards enhancing peaceful and healthy living.” She added.

SR. Veronica Onyeanisi From Interfaith Council making a speech

In their separate speeches, the Executive Director, Interfaith Council, SR. Veronica Onyeanisi and the General Coordinator, Women Interfaith Council Hajiya Amina Kazaure also of the Interfaith Council both stressed on the need to understand each other’s religion as that would help in fostering unity among Nigerians.

According to SR. Veronica, “when you understand my religion, you will understand what l believe in and you will respect what l believe in. And when l understand what you believe in, l will respect you and there will be peace in our society”.

Speaking earlier after the Quran and Quiz Competition anchored by the Mission Board, the NASFAT Kaduna Branch’s Chairman, Engineer Muhyideen Alimi Yusuf commended the women for their zeal and dedication displayed towards ensuring the success of the programme. 

In his words of encouragement, he charged them to continue in the spirit of oneness and love as that would not only help in moving the society forward but the state in general. 

Some committees in NASFAT he emphasized are stronger than some societies of today.

“I must say that some committees in NASFAT are much stronger than some societies and organizations we have today.

Seeing how committed and coordinated you people are, really gladdens my heart. There is no doubt NASFAT Women’s Wing is a strong one.

I am impressed and l urge you to continue in this spirit.” He advised.

The Women Affairs Secretary NASFAT Kaduna branch, Hajia Kudirat Tijani Akande in her welcome address explained that the Theme of the Proramme, “The Muslimah as a Catalyst for Maintaining Peace and Harmony” was well conceived as it was chosen to address  the burning issue of insecurity in our communities and country especially as it affects the most vulnerable segment of the society, women and children.

“As mothers we cannot afford to fold our hands and seat at passengers seat watching while the problem increases in our society. We must be complete Muslim women, inculcate moral values and appropriate discipline in our children. Give them a solid foundation of good behavior and ethics.  

We must not teach them hatred or discrimination, but love, kindness and tolerance towards their fellow human beings.  Our children are our jewels and our future”. She added.

Fielding questions from journalists, Hajia Kudirat expressing her joy and satisfaction said the four day programme which started with fasting had given her the sense of fulfillment.  

Allah she said had made everything easy and was a great success.     

“During this four day programme which ran through Thursday- Sunday, November 24, 2019, we had activities lined –up for our women.


Friday, we did health talk /health screening and we were able to give them financial diet with some kind of fun fare.

We had special Jummat prayer and special prayers offered by our Chief Imam, Ma’rooph Muhd, Raji and his Mission Board team who prayed for NASFAT, Kaduna state, and the nation at large.

Saturday, we did Quran / Quiz completion for women from our four houses (Khadijat, Fatimah, Aisha and Afsat house) to test their knowledge and level of understanding of the religion Islam.

Quran recitation



We also visited Kawo hospital where we donated some items to the hospital management and thereafter went round to give all the patients in the hospital some presents.

When asked of her dream for NASFAT, she said.

“We have a focus which is to reach out to the large populace, not only NASFAT members in terms of education so as to upgrade our women. Like it is said, if you educate a woman, you educate the nation and when you educate people, you eradicate poverty. So, aside this event, we are reaching out to our neighborhood and is my joy to see women making an impact. 

I feel really fulfilled. It is a programme we least expected would be of this great success and Allah has made it possible so l give thanks to Allah. May Allah make Islam grow from strength to strength.

Hajia Kudirat and some members at Kawo Hospital

 I thank all our invited guests and dignitaries who graced this event, our  executive and committee members and all those that contributed in one way or the other to make it a success.    

Activities featured during the event included health talk/ free Medical screening.


Alh. Shafiu Hussein from Society for Family Health attending to patient



Lecture on the  primary care of the eye was delivered By Dr. Musa Danjuma while Alh. Shafiu Hussein from Society for Family Health, spoke on family planning. Lecture on Personal Financial Planning was Presented by Alh. Adekunle Adesanya.

“Dr. Musa in his lecture on the Primary Care of the Eye enjoined families particularly mothers to remain focus for early detection of symptoms as the eye is an important organ of the body.

According to the medical expert “Primary eye care simply means what you need to do from the home front,  that you can afford, that is adequate and you can assess and it is comprehensive. That is all inclusive from the home environment before you now begin to look for referrer to the secondary care.

The first thing a mother needs is the knowledge. This year’s Women’s Week is geared towards educating the women because they are our mothers so that they pick it from the home front being the first contact care.

This would enable them identify problems and do as much as possible prevention before they begin to look for cure.

“Take for instance the new born baby, once the baby is born, the eyes are not clear. You see some  discharges from the eye or you see red eye that you don’t understand or the structure that you are seeing is not the normal eye of another person. These are the things that you should be able to identify. Try to see the specialist in good time. He advised.

 Dr. Musa Danjuma Delivering Lecture on the care of the eye

Alhaji Adekunle Adesanya, a banker by profession speaking to the women on Personal Financial Planning drew their attention on the need to as home makers do proper planing for their future and that of the family particularly their children by managing their resources judiciously.

For one to live above board, judicious management of resources is necessary he said. And to maintain a successful financial plan, “your earnings must be more than your expenses.”

Lamenting, he noted that some people live a fake life just because they want to belong. They spend extravagantly on irrelevant things.Thinking they are enjoying but unknown to them, “living serious financial resource for later years. You are not thinking of what your future life would be.”

Alh. Adekunle Adesanya delivering lecture on Personal Financial Planning

He called for proper budgeting because according to the financial expert, if one spends above the needful, it would affect other things so the need to set up financial goal.

Adekunle emphasized on the principles of cutting one’s coat according to one’s cloth. Saying, research has shown that financial mis-management has led some people to having unstable health conditions. 

Some of them ending up with emotional stress, Blood pressure (BP) and other health problems. He said.

NASFAT Adullt Islamiya after the recitation of the Quran