NASFAT Harps on Need To Follow Allah’s Rules, Regulations In Solving Problems

NASFAT Harps on Need To Follow Allah’s Rules, Regulations In Solving Problems
Zainab Tanimu
Kaduna, North-West, Nigeria
Every human being experiences one problem or the other. And the way to solving these problems  lies in the hands of the creator and the solver of all problems.
This key message ran through the sermon delivered on Friday during the Jumaat prayer held at NASFAT Kaduna mosque.
Ustadh  Mustapha Abdul kareem  mission board member, NASFAT Kaduna branch in his sermon had drawn the attention of those present to the verses of the Holy Quran where Allah said, 
“Do you expect to be in aljalna with Anabi Muhammed (SAW) without experiencing problems? 
 “Anabi (SAW) was tested while he was alive. He buried 6 out of the 7 children Allah gave him”.
Everybody therefore must experience problems for Allah said we shall be tested.
The Ustadh continued.
How then can one solve or come out of  these problems?
“The best way to solving problems is to follow the rules and regulations of Allah SWT  and the Holy Prophet Mohammed (SAW). He stated.
Importantly, one must have the believe that whatever befalls him/her is from Allah and that only Him has solution to everything. 
The following steps are to be followed in getting one’s problems solved.
Having a very strong believe that whatever problem that comes is from Allah.
“If you are in problem, the first thing is to believe that the problem is from Allah (SWT) and to accept it with faith that this thing is from Allah. And that nobody can cause anything except with the permission of Allah.
“Secondly, you need to be patient. To exercise patient on it. The moment you do that, you would have peace.
“Thirdly, increase in your worship. One needs to pray to Allah. Definitely, when you are in problem, you have to call on Allah (SWT) to solve that problem for you. And 
“fourthly, one is to believe that nobody can solve that problem except Allah (SWT) That is, you should have the believe that Allah is capable of eliminating that problem for you.
If you can follow these four steps, definitely you would be able to solve all your problems in life.” Ustaz Mustapha sounded.
 Relating his kutuba (sermon) to the Covid-19 Pandemic, he said, “we should all believe that it is from Allah (SWT) and  nobody can take it away except Allah . For only Him knows the genesis of it while he prayed that Allah provide solution to the Covid-19 Problem.
Speaking in an interview with Hajiya Zainab Tanimu of Newsreservoir after the jumnat prayer, the officials of the Kaduna State Ministry Of Health who were in NASFAT on inspection expressed satisfaction over facilities on ground.
Mallam Mohammed Abdulkadir Tabari accompanied by Mallam Haruna Akilu said NASFAT has complied with the Kaduna State’s guideline on Covid -19.
His words:
“We are from the Risk Communication Committee, Ministry of Health Kaduna.
We sensitize people on Coronavirus.
Officials from Ministry of Health Kaduna and some Executive members of NASFAT Kaduna.
L-R Mallam Haruna Akilu, Min. of Health, Alhaji Opoola, Business Committee, NASFAT, Mallam Muhammed Abdulkadir Tabari, Min. of Health; Engr. Muhyideen Alimi Yusuf, Chairman, NASFAT Kaduna Branch;  Dr. Musa Danjuma, Chairman, Health Committee; Imam Marooph Muh’d Raji, Zonal Missioner, NASFAT
This is why we are here. To alert people on the disease, the symptoms and preventive measures.
We are happy to say that NASFAT is keeping to the State government’s guideline on Covid -19. I say, well done to NASFAT even before l file my report to my Commissioner.
“We saw everything. People are not allowed into the mosque premises without
facemask. That is the first step.
There is social distance in the sitting arrangement in the mosque.
These, are all the things we are sensitizing people about.
How they can prevent themselves from contacting the disease. First by wearing a face mask.
 Secondly, we tell people to keep a social distance because one can catch the disease since it is transmutable. 
Thirdly, coughing into one’s elbow.
 Also, washing of hands thoroughly under running water with soap/detergent and the use of hand sanitizer.
We have seen all.
Mallam Mohammed urged Kaduna State residents to abide by the state’s rules and regulations on Covid-19 in order to avoid another phase of lockdown.
Covid-19 is real. He warned.
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