NASFAT Kaduna Gives Zakat To The Less Privileged … 23 People Receive Empowerment Pack

NASFAT Kaduna Gives Zakat To The Less Privileged
… 23 People Receive Empowerment Pack
Zainab Tanimu
Kaduna, North-West, Nigeria
Nasrul-lahi-L-Fatih Society (NASFAT), Kaduna Branch in line with its yearly Zakat distribution has empowered 23 less privileged people in Kaduna state by giving them starter – packs to better their lives.
The distribution exercise took place at NASFAT mosque where each beneficiary was given item applied for.
Speaking during the distribution exercise, the Chairman,  Zakat/Sadaqah
Committee, Ustaz AbdulRazaq Mohammed Zulqurnain explained that individuals applied according to their area of interest which was the yardstick the committee used in given out the items.
It is the fourth time NASFAT is distributing zakat to the needy. He said.
Zakat is an Islamic finance term referring to the obligation that an individual has to donate a certain proportion of wealth each year to charitable .
The Covid -19 pandemic notwithstanding, the committee was able to realize the sum of N1,750,000 (One million, seven hundred and fifty thousand naira).
It received 68 request letters out of which 23 letters were treated. He said.
Explaining further, in 2019, he said letters were received requesting for assistance out of which the committee was able to treat that of 16 persons from the N2million naira fund generated as fifty percent of it was channeled to the NASFAT Education Board of the branch.
The idea of setting upthe Zakat/Sadaqah committee he added is to see to the needs of the vulnerable group in the society by assisting them in having a sustainable source of livelihood as commanded in the Quran.
Lamenting, Ustadh Zulqurnain said, zakat is the most neglected out of the five pillars of lslam and that NASFAT is doing all it can through its committee to help revive and change the trend.
Zonal Missioner  NASFAT Kaduna Branch speaking on the importance of Zakat/benefits had called on eligible Muslims to imbibe the spirit of giving as there are lots of benefits to it. 
Aside purifying one’s accrued wealth, Allah uses it to wipe up one’s sins.
“Zakat is one of the pillars of Islam which goes along with salat (prayer) Zakat  are given by the wealthy among Muslims to the needy, the poor.
All Muslim adults who are sane and possess the nisab  minimum amount of wealth held for a year should pay Zakat.
Zakat is 2.5% of your total wealth. Therefore if you have £10,000 of wealth liable to Zakat, you would pay £250
It helps to redistribute income from
wealthy ones in the society to the needy.
This is what NASFAT is doing. 
Empowerment is very important. Even during  the Covid -19 lockdown, NASFAT used part of the Zakat collected to buy food items and distributed to the vulnerable ones.
As an lslamic organization, one of NASFAT’s key value is to see to the welfare
of mankind. Not only Muslims, mankind in general. He stressed.
This is one of the events that we do annually and had been on-going for the past 4yrs.
NASFAT Kaduna Branch Chairman, Engr. Muhyideen Alimi Yusuf commending
Zakat Committee for their dedication
pledged continuous implementation of the programme.
He thanked all the donors without which the exercise wouldn’t have been possible while praying that Allah reward them abundantly.
Advising the beneficiaries, he urged them to use the items given to them judiciously in order to help change their lives.
Not only that, by changing their financial status, they too would be able to help others who are in need. He said.
One of the donors Alhaji Abideen
Ademola Amao expressed satisfaction over the judicious use of the fund.
Speaking earlier, the Zonal Chairman NASFAT Kaduna Zone, Alhaji Abubakar Inuwa Bello appreciated NASFAT Kaduna for its continuous efforts in reaching the less privileged in the society. 
It is an exercise worthy of emulation. He said.
He urged and prayed that  Kaduna NASFAT sustains the tempo.
One of the beneficiaries interviewed, hajiya Halima Ibrahim Suleiman who received sewing machine expressed
happiness and prayed that Allah reward the society for setting up the Zakat committee.
“I feel very happy receiving this sewing machine. I have learnt sewing. I want to open my own shop too and be sewing for people to earn a living. 
“l say thank you to Zakat Committee. I am encourging people to pay Zakat and l pray one day, l too would be able to give Zakat so that other people would benefit too Insha Allah.”
Speaking on behalf of the beneficiaries, Hajia Zainab Abdulhazeez, thanked NASFAT for the gesture and standing by them at this critical time.
“I requested for grinding machine and that is what l am given.
I say to those that gave us the items, may
Allah enrich them and we that collected, may Allah enrich us so that we too would be able to pay zakat”.
Alltogether, 23 beneficiaries both NASFAT and  non NASFAT members went home with various items. 
Freezers, sewing/grinding machines, clippers, cartoons of soft drinks etc. 
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