Covid – 19 Pandemic, the Consequence Of Breaching Allah’s Trust – Cleric

Covid – 19 Pandemic, the Consequence Of Breaching Allah’s Trust – Cleric
Zainab Tanimu
Kaduna, North- West, Nigeria
The need to discharge trust by individuals has been emphasized as very important in the sight of Allah.
The situation we are witnessing today has been attributed to the fact that people no longer heed Allah’s warnings. 
There is constant breach of Allah’s trust  and not until individuals stop breaching the trust of AIIah will things begin to fall into it right perspective.
This was the key message in last Friday’s Jummat sermon delivered at NASFAT Kaduna Mosque.
NASFAT Kaduna Mission Board under the able  leadership of the Zonal Missioner, Imam Marooph Raji delivered an inspiring sermon to drive home the message and to awaken the consciousness of the worshippers.
Austadh (Dr.) Luqman Salati, a member of the mission board in his sermon strongly stressed on the need to uphold whatever is entrusted onto one as failure to do so attracts punishment from the Almighty God.
There is the need for everyone to observe healthy and acceptable lifestyle in order not to attract the wrath of Allah.  He admonished.
The Covid-19 pandemic the world is witnessing today he said is not unconnected with all the atrocities committed by man and not until individuals stop breaching the trust of AIIah can there be solution to the Covid -19 pandemic.
While lamenting over all manners of behaviors which negate the principles of honesty and that of decency being perpetrated on a daily basis as reason why Allah has decended punishment on to man, he said.
“Corruption is  breach of trust. Murder and assassination is a breach of trust. 
Adultery and fornication is a bridge of trust.
Even what is invoke now, the incessant cases of rape is a breach of trust.
“These are atrocities that we have been committing over the years, that Allah accumulated and we are being punished.
“What we are witnessing today in the world is just a minute portion of Allah’s punishment. 
“A lot of things are surrounding this burden that you call trust. lt is very important in the sight of Allah that we discharge trust in all ramification.
Drawing lessons from the Holy Quran  and
Hadith of the Holy Prophet (SAW), he said, Allah hates hypocracy and therefore should distance oneself from such act.
Quoting from the Hadith of the Holy Prophet, he warned that hypocrites are going to have severe punishment “even more than the disbelievers on the day of judgment” as  such man should be just and fair in actions. 
 Still lamenting, he said,
“These days, most times when we open our mouth to talk, nothing comes out of it but lies. When you make promises, you break it. When you are enthrusted with something, you break the trust. 
These are major causes of Coronavirus today.
Expantiating further,
“So keeping trust or discharging trust pervades all facets of our lives.
“In the office, there is a covenant between you and your employer so an attempt to defraud the organization you work with or an attempt to do anything that negates the principles of honesty or principles of decency would amount to a breach of trust. 
“Trust is a burden and can come in different ways.
“It can be a promise of money from father to a son. It can be a convenant between a husband and wife.
“Trust between us and our fellow human being. Trust between us and our creator.
“Trust is something that requires 100% fulfilment from man.
“Whether you have a covenant between you and your fellow human being or between you and your God, it is a must  and mandatory to you to discharge trust. 
“It is also mandatory on us to always return possessions enthrusted on to us to their rightful owners. He warned 
“So, the solution to Corona virus is for us to stop breaching the trust of God .
It is when we start to do that we can then begin to find solution to Coronavirus pandemic.” He sounded.
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