Kaduna: NASFAT Stresses On Constant Reading Of The Holy Quran … Describes it as life changing book

Kaduna: NASFAT Stresses On Constant Reading Of The Holy Quran
… Describes it as life changing book
Zainab Tanimu
Kaduna, North – West, Nigeria
Nastrul Lahil-L Fatih (NASFAT) Society Kaduna branch has stressed on the need for Muslims to constantly read the holy Quran.
NASFAT Zonal Chief Missioner/ Kaduna Branch Missioner, Imam Marooph Muh’d Raji emphasized this during the pre- competition of the Quran recitation organized as part of Ramadan activities.
The erudite scholar while stressing on the  benefits of reading the holy book said it is good for one to know how to read and memorize the Quran perfectly. For if one does, not only has such person benefitted here on earth but also would be rewarded in the hereafter.
Importantly is the need for one to apply the knowledge acquired from the holy Quran in his/ her day to day life. The Imam stressed.
 ” It is not enough to know just how to read the Quran and memorize it, very importantly is the implementation of what one has read. Implement what the Quran says for that will be beneficial to you here and the hereafter.
The holy prophet (SAW) says, memorize the Quran with the best of voices ”.
Encouraging the participants he said, ” Exams, and competitions like this are not  true test of knowledge. I want to advise that you always avail yourselves in Quranic competitions in order that you can improve your skills.
There are inter states and international competitions. ”  The Imam encouraged, adding that NASFAT Kaduna  is looking forward to participating in the States and National  competitions because the branch has the talents.
Congratulating all the participants, he said they have all done well while urging that they continue the recitation of the holy Quran on a daily basis because the Quran is not like ordinary book, it is a book that needs to be read at all times.
” If you leave the Quran for one day, it will leave you. Quran is not like other books.
Read it all the time. What you need to be reading everyday is the Quran. It is the best thing that could happen to one in this life.
Do not relent in your efforts. Keep reading the Quran and remove all fears otherwise you will never learn” . He encouraged.
Ramadan Committee Chairman, Alhaji Abdulwaheed Amusa commending the participants efforts explained that it was the first time of including Quranic recitation competition in Ramadan programme.
“This is the maiden edition of this competition. What actually prompted it is the fact that in this holy month Muslims are encouraged to engage more in the recitation of the holy Quran. It is a month in which the holy Quran was revealed to the holy Prophet Muhammed SAW.
So, constant recitation of the holy Quran and promoting the teachings of the holy prophet SAW in this holy month attracts a lot of benefits.
We want to encourage people to read the holy Qur’an at all times for it is the light in our life. ”
Zonal Women Leader Hajia Mulikat Bukoye described the initiative as a step in the right direction while urging the women to avail themselves time to the reading of the holy Quran.
The women as home makers she said need to be religiously sound to be able to imbibe values on the family.
 NASFAT Kaduna branch Women Affairs Secretary Hajiya Kudirat Akande supported by her management team also commended the efforts of the participants.
Hajia Akande urged the women not to relent in their efforts to seek for Quranic knowledge.
Mothers she emphasized should imbibe the spirit of reading the Quran as that will not only strengthen them but also guide in the performance of their day to day affairs.
The Deputy Missioner Kaduna Branch, Ustadh Kabir Uthman together with another Mission board member, ustadh Mustapha Abdulkareem were the panel of Judges at the event. They both
expressed satisfaction at the participants performances.
The winners of the competitions would be announced bin the final of the competition. They informed.
Children, Youths  and Women Participated in the competition.
The Categories are:
Children below 10years (Males & Females)
 Children from 11years – 17years (Males & Females)
 Youths from 18years – 40years (Males &
Women from 41years and above.
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