‘Nigerian Players Are Technically Very, Very Good’, English Football Consultant, Geoff Harrop Affirms

‘Nigerian Players Are Technically Very, Very Good’, English Football Consultant, Geoff Harrop Affirms
By Jerry Okugbe – July 23, 2021
English football consultant Geoff Harrop has praised the structuring of the Emmydinho Football Club 3 Days Scouting Program at the Agege Stadium, Lagos.
Geoff Harrop, Academy players development monitor was among the numerous agents/scouts from different European countries present (at the Agege Stadium) to witness young footballers from 10 teams showcase their talents.
The Englishman labeled the scouting event as first-class and stated the aim of it all is for the progress of the involved players.
In an exclusive interview with Sports247, Harrick said: “It has been a fantastic two days. The organization of the tournament has been first class and the games have run really well.
“I’ll tell anyone who’s scouting that what you’ve got on here today has been first class. And obviously, we are all here for the boys. We want to see them progress. And there’s been some very good performances.”
Harrick who also works with English clubs Southampton F.C and Colchester United F.C spoke highly of Nigerian players, describing them as ‘ technically very good’.
“Without a doubt, I’ve been satisfied with the quality here. I have worked with some Nigerian boys at the clubs I’ve been at so I’m very proud of Nigerian young footballers. And I think it’s important we try and develop them and see where we can go with them.
“Nigerian players are technically very, very good. The players I have worked with from Africa have always been technically talented.
“The English game is quick so you have to adapt and different coaching as well so you know there’s lots of obstacles. We’ve got to support them. We are here for the boys not for ourselves.”
What next for the selected players?
“Well, I think the next stage is I have the next few days to look at the players closely and you know they have to fit into our system. In England, we have criteria, a way of playing and a certain type of character. So I will look at all that.
“I haven’t spoken to the boys yet. So I will take the notes, speak to the people I need to speak to. Then from there see if we can get them opportunities in England. We have a big system in England and academies then do everything we can to help them.”
Source: Sports 247.ng
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