2018 World Population Day: Family Planning, Strategy to Controlling Continuous population Growth –DEVCOMS


2018 World Population Day: Family Planning, Strategy to Controlling Continuous population Growth –DEVCOMS

Zainab Tanimu

Kaduna, North-West, NIGERIA

Family planning has been identified as key strategy to controlling the nation’s continuous population growth..

The continuous promotion of information, service delivery on family planning issues DEVCOMS observed would go a long way in helping to achieve measurable success.

This observation was raised during the 2018 World Population Day Celebration in Kaduna.

In its bid to achieving maximum result, focus it said must be directed to marginalized groups and hard reached areas in order that they have adequate information concerning family planning. Emphasis was also raised on the need for the availability of Health Care /Family planning services which must be available in sufficient quantity.

While respect for the peoples culture is considered highly important, the fact remains that without contraceptive products there would not be a programme to save lives of women, children and others who need it.

The Programme Director, Development Communications Network (DEVCOMS), Mr. Akin Jimoh in a statement also asserted that “it is important to establish Youth Friendly Centers dedicated to providing sexual and reproductive health services that meet young people at their point of need rather than resorting to practices that endanger their lives such as abortions.

These centers according to him should be operated based on elements of full, free, and informed choice with citizens having access to information on all methods of contraceptives (temporary and permanent) and also have the right to make decisions about what service to uptake without coercion and barriers.

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All stakeholders therefore need to collaborate in order to make up for the unmet needs among all target groups in Nigeria.

Government at all levels he said should ensure the availability of family planning commodities and consumables in order to be able to address the country’s population problem.