NASFAT: Kaduna State Government Identifies with NASFAT’s Empowerment Programme …says others should emulate


NASFAT: Kaduna State Government Identifies with NASFAT’s Empowerment Programme

…says others should emulate

Zainab Tanimu

Kaduna, North-West, NIGERIA

The Kaduna State Government impressed with the display of love to humanity at the Nastrul-Lahi-L-Fatih Society of Nigeria, (NASFAT) Village Kaduna recently where members and non-members of NASFAT were empowered by the Zakat Committee with items ranging from refrigerators, sewing machine cheques and other food items says, the government of Governor El-Rufai is willing to partner with organizations working towards uplifting the condition of the citizenry.

The representative of the Governor, Zonal Coordinator, Bureau for Islamic/Religious Affairs Central Zone, Governor’s Office Kaduna, Mallam Tahir Bello disclosed this at the NASFAT Mosques while handing over items to recipients. He urged the society not to relent in their efforts in touching the lives of the less privileged as such has bountiful reward in the sight of Allah.

Bello called on other bodies to emulate the good work of NASFAT.

Speaking on the objective of Zakat, Alhaji Abdulkadir Ibrahim (AL-MISRY) said the primary objective of Zakat is to elevate the spirit of human being above the material acquisition, saying that consequently, Islam does not view the Zakat payer as a mere of sore of funds, but as a person who always needs purification and cleansing, both spiritually and materially.

Al- Misry made this assertion while delivering his lecture, Titled, ‘The Effect of Zakat in the Society’. He said Allah has prescribed Zakat as a duty to Allah, upon every wealthy individual. Zakat paid out of submission to the command of Allah is a means of purifying the soul of a Muslim from greed and miserliness.

Explaining the term, ‘Zakat’ and ‘Sadaqah often used interchangeably in the Quran and Sunnah, he said, “Zakat refers to obligatory charity and sadaqah refers to voluntary charity. Zakat can be categorized into two, types. Zakat-ul-Maal (Zakat on the wealth) and Zakat-ul-Fitr (Zakat on the individual)  It is recommended to every Muslim to pay sadaqah even if you have paid the two types of Zakat”. He explained.

“Zakat apart from it being used to help the poor and the needy is a means of .training Muslims on the virtues of generosity as much as it is a means of purification from greed. Being paid in a repetitive pattern year after year, regular Zakat as well as Zakat al-fitr trains Muslims to give and spend for charitable purpose. The Quran describes believers as the righteous who have the virtue of spending for good reason”.

Expatiating additional,” The Zakat system helps to ensure that the society’s wealth circulation is in a fair and clean condition. The system he explained has helped to reduce poverty problem in many countries. Zakat is the cornerstone in Islamic finance and economic system. It is a compulsory charity that every Muslim must pay to help the poor people.


” If everyone will need to pay Zakat, no poor or the unfortunate would have to involve in begging”, he said.

There are some restrictions in choosing Zakat recipients. The restrictions ensure that those who receive the Zakat are with reasonable and acceptable reasons”. He stressed.

The Chairman of the Zakat’s Committee, Usman Abdulrasaq Zulqurnain said his committee received 50 letters of request from members and non-members of NASFAT, and that such letters were treated accordingly. He said that was not the first time the committee was empowering people.

The cheques amounting to N1.5 million including items distributed he said is from money generated through the Zakat’s account. It is a programme the society Insha Allah would sustain. He concluded.

One of the beneficiaries who spoke to our reporter, Hajiya Lateefat Abdulrasaq, who was given an Industrial Sewing Machine said” I am very happy about this gesture and I pray that God Almighty Allah continue to bless NASFAT and all its members.

Another recipient Hajiya Rukayat Isiaka, a widow said, ”I am a food seller. I am really very happy with the food items given to me by NASFAT. Food selling is my trade and that is why l requested in my letter to be assisted with food items. I pray that Almighty continue to elevate NASFAT and its members for this great gesture.

Both had promised to judiciously utilize the items received so that they can equally assist those who might also be in need from whatever proceeds generated.

“In my own little contribution, when l am a bit settled in my sewing business, l intend to train members of NASFAT who are interested in sewing free of charge”.

“My desire and prayer is to Insha Allah be able to assist the less privileged from my food business come next year as part of my own Zakah Rukayat sounded.

Materials distributed includes: Industrial Sewing Machine, three Deep Freezers, Sewing Materials, Mechanical tools, Food Stuff among other materials.

Earlier, both the Zonal Chairman, Alhaji Inuwa Kabeer Bello and Kaduna Branch Chairman Engineer Muhyideen Yusuf had pledged NASFAT continuous stride in assisting to better the lives of not only members of NASFAT but the generality of Muslim Ummah in the society.

According to the Zonal Chairman, “ Alhamdul Lillahi. This event is not even a Zonal thing. It is an international thing because all over the world wherever there is NASFAT,   every branch is encouraged to do this kind of distribution of items and Alhamdul Lilahi Kaduna Zone/branch is playing its own part.

The event that we have witnessed today,  it is our wish that for those who are given today, to by next year Insha Allah be part of those that would remove from what they have earned to do for others”.

“My message to those who have not started to contribute towards it is that they should make it an obligation to do so because it is very important. By so doing you are purifying your wealth and you are at the same time helping others to grow.  And when you help others, Prophet of Allah (saw) said is like you have planted a corn that would bring multiples.

May the Almighty Allah reward those who contributed and those who made the programme a success. And for those who received it may the Almighty Allah allow you to grow”.

In his Contribution, the Chief Missioner, NASFAT Kaduna branch, Imam  Marooph  Muhammed Raji pledged the continual pursuance of NASFAT’s mission and vision through the collective spiritual know-how of his Mission Board members.