2019: PT’s Presidential Candidate, Gbenga Hashim Garners South Western Women Unalloyed Support


2019: PT’s Presidential Candidate, Gbenga Hashim Garners South Western Women Unalloyed Support

Zainab Tanimu

Kaduna, North-West, NIGERIA

Women groups from South western Nigeria have resolved to work for the success of the Presidential candidate of the People’s Trust ( PT), Mr. Gbenga Olawepo Hashim during the 2019 election .

The women who converged on Akure in their hundreds under the aegis of WOMEN for HASHIM, said their only hope

in 2019 is Hashim as President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria ,since they could no longer rely on deceit and lies by recycled leaders.

The women leaders who took turns in their various remarks on the occasion specifically described the Presidential contenders of the two major political parties in Nigeria as Siamese twins who have nothing new to offer the Nigerian women.

“We want a break, change is inevitable. We have been neglected over the past decades .We are women for Gbenga Olawepo Hashim in 2019,” they said.

Among the women leaders who spoke amidst thunderous ovation from the gathering were Mrs. Folayan Adeyem, Choice chairperson for “Women for Hashim” in Ondo state.

She said the PT’s Presidential candidate had already won their hearts and they would work collectively to ensure that he succeeds Buhari in 2019.

In his remarks, the Presidential candidate of the People’s Trust, PT, Mr. Gbenga Olawepo Hashim unveiled a very special program for the Nigerian women on how to curb the devastating effect of cervical cancer.

He said the Federal Government of Nigeria under his presidency will sponsor vaccine for all girls from age 9 to young women of age 25.

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According to him, medicine had taught them that when these vaccines reach women in that category, there are very remote chances that they would ever have cancer.

“So we can vaccinate against cancer and that is what I’m going to do for all Nigerian girls and young women. They will have the vaccines against cervical cancer when I’m elected president in 2019.”

“As Commander in Chief, I will do it within 6 months if elected as president. This is a major program for women that will protect them in the future against falling for cancer.”

“We have a lot of work to do in going to sell our party at the polling unit. The deciding moment is how many vote is counted at the polling unit. So Women for Hashim should make sure that in the over 3000 polling units they have in the state,they should’ve at least 5 canvassers  working for Hashim.”

“Tell the people of Ondo state that they have a candidate who has done business for 25 years, creating jobs all over the world and in Nigeria, not a parasite that has always relied on government.”

“I’m somebody who knows how to create jobs .I will create jobs fir your children I will create 4 million jobs every year by removing the obstacles to investment in Nigeria because it is only the private sector that can create jobs, not government civil service jobs..”

“Manufacturing and services jobs, these are the kind of jobs we are creating. If we remove the obstacles to investment in Nigeria which some people have put their investment will flow and jobs will be created.”

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“We are going to expand the economy from the $510 billion to a $4 trillion economy. That will be conceived as a New Nigeria Economic Development Plan.”

He reiterated that there would be a N50, 000 minimum wage at the first anniversary of his government.

“Don’t mind them, they lack creativity; that is why they think N50, 000 is too much .In 1983 when Nigeria had N125 minimum wage that 125 is the equivalent of N50,000 today. So we are giving N50,000 minimum wage at our first anniversary, we would only be giving N125 that was given in 1983 when Hassan Summonu fought for it in 1983,” he said.

He explained that those who thought they could not pay N50, 000 minimum wage lacked initiative and cannot think like those who governed Nigeria in 1983.

“We will pay workers minimum wage, stop killings and unite Nigerians .Nigeria has never been divided as it is under the APC government today.

We will give Nigeria a government that unites the country, secure the land, a government where all Nigerians will be defended and protected by the office of the Commander in Chief..”

“This is what I promise Nigeria .Take the message to the polling units that you have a presidential candidate that is equipped to deliver.”

Highlight of the occasion were the acceptance of hundreds into the People’s Trust who were previously in other political parties, presentations and declaration of support to the Presidential candidate by over a hundred youth and women groups from across Yoruba land.