Vaccines Are Not Harmful to Health – KADSPHCA …Seeks Collaboration


Vaccines Are Not Harmful to Health – KADSPHCA

…Seeks Collaboration

Zainab Tanimu
Kaduna, North-West , Nigeria
The Kaduna state Primary Health Care Development Agency (KADSPHCA) has debunked the story making the rounds that vaccines are dangerous to health. The claim that it prevents women from geting  pregnant is a untrue. It said.
In a joint meeting held at its office on Wednesday, the agency had seeked for continious support from
 stakeholders and people of Kaduna state towards realizing the sucessful implementation of its tasks.
The Executive Secretary, Kaduna State Primary Health Care Development Agency,  Dr. Hamza Abubakar who chaired the meeting had called for joint efforts in strategizing ways of enhancing the on -going campaign on immunization meant to reach all the nooks and crannies of settlements in Kaduna state.
While lamenting over the negative belief by some people that it is harmful, the vaccines he explained are beneficial.
“There are negative information going on.
The vaccine is safe as against the rumour that “it stops a woman from getting pregnant . It is not true”. He said.
Explaining further, he said there is a robost plan which has already commenced to reach all the elligible persons in the state.
The exercise is meant to eliminate vaccine preventable diseases in every settlement in Kaduna state and Nigeria at large. He informed.
“There is the Maternal and Neonatal Tetanus Elimination (MNTE) vaccine for Women of Child Bearing Age, that is those within the ages of 15-49yrs.
The Measles immunization is for children under 9mts to 5yrs and that of Meningitis A’ for children  1-7yrs of age.
He added.
Still explaining, he said.
“For those who have missed this round, for the measles immunization, it would run for 6days in October, and for Meningitis A, 5days in November.
Hamza pleaded for the cooperation of women of child bearing age to take advantage of this vaccines provided free to enhance their health as well as called on parents to  take their children for immunizations for it is safe. He stressed.
Worrisome he said is this trend on non- compliance which sometimes slows down the exercise.
“People need to understand that these campaigns are crucial. I don’t know why in this day and age we are still talking of non compliance. I thought parents would be sending ‘you’ (media) to us asking us why we are not going to communities to have these campaigns.
“Apart from the routine immunizations and services that we provide, from time to time, we have immunization campaigns depending on the work plan, national strategies and response depending on outbreaks.
Currently in Kaduna state, we are conducting Maternal and New born Tetanus Elimination (MNTE) campaign in 3 local government areas in Kaduna state. Namely, Jama’a LG, Kaura LG and Kachia.
Dr. Hamza assured that no eligible person would be left out in the exercise
“This immunization is beneficial to the people. The  agency’s primary task is to ensure that no eligible person is left out during the campaign. He emphasied”.
Our primary aim is to ensure that every person that is eligible for these vaccinations receive it in Kaduna state.
“We have the vaccines available, we have the staffing available, we have a robost plan to impliment it.
What we need now is support.
You can see now that from the government house we have all the support we need.
From the partners, from the federal, we have the supportive need. He added.
Amongst the partners are World Health Organization (WHO) and UNICEF.
Other stakeholders like the traditional rulers, Civil Society Organizations are part of the strategies for dissemination of information.”
The exercise is state wide. He stated saying,
the media being the mouth-piece of both the people and the government has a big role to play.
Commending their efforts in desssminating of information, he urged them not to relent in sensitizing members of the public on the importance of immunizing themselves against preventable diseases.
Speaking, the representative of UNICEF, Mr. Eke called for collaboration from partners in order that the Primary Health Care Agency can succeed in their task.
According to him,
“Our own concern is to know that the sensitization and advocacy has started in earnest”.
Eke informed that UNICEF has been meeting with officers of the Primary Health Care Agency and other stakeholders to ascertain the level of progress.
He urged the media to help in managing the rumour based on belief that vaccination is not healthy.
“Please help us to cushion the effect of rumour so that Kaduna state would be where it should be.
It is not true that  vaccine stops a woman from being pregnant. Even the normal anti-natal that a pregnant woman goes, you are given tetanus injection. So, it is not true.” He stated.
In her on contribution, Dr. Ade said,
“We don’t want our children to die from what we can prevent. Just like the English people say, prevention is better than cure. So, why not prevent it? What we are saying is that this vaccine is free, safe and effective. Is for everyone. People should stop listening to negative rumour about the vaccine. She cautioned.