Breast Cancer: Submit Yourself To Routine Check-Up – Group Advises Women

 Breast Cancer: Submit Yourself To Routine Check-Up – Group Advises Women
Zainab Tanimu
Kaduna, North-West, Nigeria
Early detection of cancer has been advocated as an effective way of protecting one from cancer as it gives  the priviledge of knowing one’s status as well as opporunity for the commencement of early treatment.
This was disclosed during an awareness campaign on Breast Cancer in Kaduna recently.
A non Governmental Organisation, NGO, under the auspices of Frendz Unite has advised women on early detection of any symptom capable of exposing them to Cancer.
Early detection and treatment considerably increases chances of recovery. It sounded.
Addressing newsmen during the event, the President of the group, Rosemary Esekhagbe said cancer could be prevented by regular exercise, breast feeding for a longer term; six months or more, and early pregnancy before 30 years.
According to her, ” from experience, no factor has been identified to be responsible for cancer. Although, some people have attributed the syndrome to one’s life style.
She recommended that monthly routine check especially by women could be of help, saying that mamagram can detect a breast lump before seen or feeling it.
It was also noted that examining one’s breast every month is the best method for detecting the early stages of breast cancer, and that the best time to carry out a breast self-examination is three or four days after menstruation.
On her part, a survivor of cancer, Doctor Esther Obinya explained that cancer does not start with pains,  but ends with terrible pains.
Her words: ” I survived cancer for 20 years, and within this period I was depressed, thinking I will die in a very painful way like others, but with the love shown to me by my family members couple with proper medication I survived cancer.
Speaking, Dr. Abur Peter, of Ahmadu Bello Teaching Hospital  had emphasised on the need for women  to  inculcate the habit of proper check up.
The first day of the month he opined could be a better day to carry out self-examination.
Cancer he said is an abnormal growth, adding that it is not peculiar to old women, but sometimes found  amongst the young one’s.