We are in Dare Need of PHC Services – Kabobo Community Cries out


We are in Dare Need of PHC Services – Kabobo Community Cries out

By Zainab Tanimu

Kaduna, North-West, NIGERIA

Kabobo Community is located within the North-West Axis of Kaduna state. Igabi Local Government Area (LGA) of Kaduna State, about 27km away from Kaduna town.

It is a community made up of over 1200 inhabitants and had been in existence for the past 200yrs.

The community is Hausa and Fulani dominated and are predominantly farmers.

Suffices to say that, this community which has existed for so long, and not too far away from center of activities lacks such basic amenities like the Primary Health Care (PHC) services, Electricity and water.

Most worrisome according to the Village Head Abdullahi Kabobo, while speaking with some Developmental Journalists on visit to the community is the primary health care services as there is no presence of a single PHC facility within and around neighboring adjourned communities.

As a result he said, their women are not opportune to access medical attention during pregnancy. They are left to the services of the local birth attendants.

Most of their women do not attend ante-natal clinic. Thus, zero immunization as children do not have access to being immunized against the six killer diseases.

The reason being that the closest PHC service is located at Rigachukwu,  17kms away from Kabobo. He lamented.

“Our women don’t go for antenatal because of the distance. Our community has been in existence for 200 years but without social amenities, ‎particularly PHC.

We believe siting PHC in this community will greatly reduce the suffering of our people, women in particular.” he said.

Aliyu Alhassan,  the Deputy Imam of the community also expressed their worries over the lack of PHC in the community.

“There are women who despite the challenges still go for antenatal but majority of them prefer to deliver their babies at home.

We take our sick children and wives to Maraba or Rigachikum communities which are far away for treatment.

“We are calling on the government and relevant agencies to please come to our aids”. He concluded.

According to the inhabitants, particularly the pregnant women, even if they want to access the facility at Rigagachukwu, 17kms away, there is this issue of bad road and financial constrain. They complained.

Lariya Umar Kabobo mother of six children lamented as she narrated her ordeal.

“My fifth child was born by the riverside on my way to hospital when the labour came with a complication.

“As you can see, I’m pregnant but I still don’t go for antenatal because of distance. Most of my children, I delivered them at home.

“We don’t even have commercial motorcycles operating here making it difficult to go to hospital.

“We have no choice but to result to traditional herbs. ‎Elderly women are the people assisting us to deliver at home,” she said.

A 25 years old Hajara Musa another housewife ‎said, “We are having serious problem during childbirth. I’m also pregnant now but I don’t go for antenatal.

“I’m seven months pregnant but I have never attended antenatal care. I am only using herbs.” she said.

85 years old Halimatu Alhassan is a well- known traditional birth attendant in Kabobo community.

According to her, she has spent more than 20 years assisting women to deliver in the community.

“I was not trained but I have been doing the job for more than 20 years without difficulties. In this village, we are not used to modern medicine or our women going for antenatal care.

But I think it will be good if we have a PHC in this village so that sick women and children can go for treatment,” she added.