Breast cancer: NGO takes sensitization campaign to the Doorsteps of People with Disabilities


Breast cancer: NGO takes sensitization campaign to the Doorsteps of People with Disabilities

Zainab Tanimu

Kaduna, North-West, NIGERIA

A Kaduna based Non- Governmental Organization, (NGO) ‘Women 4 Women’ in its stride to creating awareness on the need for proper care of the breast has taken its sensitization campaign to the doorsteps of the less privileged group in Kaduna.

The Founder of the Organization Comrade Maryam Abubakar who mobilized a team of medical Doctors,  nurses and other health volunteers to the  home of persons living with disabilities in Kano road said in order to encourage the chances of breast  cancer survivors, there was need  to sensitize them.

She said it was also necessary to educate the women about the signs and symptoms of the disease as a preventive measure.

Majority of them are not aware of what breast cancer is all about.  It is therefore important they know that Breast Cancer is the most common cancer among women world-wide.

“Breast cancer is the most common invasive cancer in women and the second main cause of cancer death in women after lung cancer.

“We came to meet with breast cancer survivor, and to meet with other women in the house so as to give them medical advice.“

“We are also here to meet with other physically challenged women, be it street beggars, the blind and other ones in the house to sensitize them about the preventive measures to be used. ”

Maryam had stressed on the need for collaboration in creating awareness among the group.

“We must join hands to raise more awareness to this category of women in view of the health challenges they face due to their nature.

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“Awareness of the symptoms and the need for screening are important ways of reducing the risk among women.

“The treatment depends on the type of breast cancer, the stage of the cancer, sensitivity to hormone and the patient’s age, overall health, and preferences.

Avoidance of excessive alcohol consumption as well as getting enough exercise Maryam pointed out as part of the preventive measures.

The organization (women 4 women) she informed is planning to take its campaign to secondary schools and other higher institutes across the states,

The pink shirt and ribbon won by the team on campaign symbolizes breast cancer awareness. She explained.

Speaking, one of the women, Maryam Musa who attended the lectures on breast cancer had this to say.

“No one has ever come to this home to talk to us about breast Cancer,

There are some women in the house here that are having ‘breast cancer’ disease and we are afraid of going closer to them due to lack of awareness of what causes the disease.” She said.

While expressing her satisfaction on the knowledge received, she said, ”we need to know how to prevent our serves and educate other women on all the signs and symptoms of the disease” Mallam Samaila Abdullahi, one of the leaders of the kaduna State Association of Persons with Disabilities said, they are really grateful for the lectures and hoping that one day ministry of health will remember them.

He called on other NGOs, CSOs, UNICEF and other Humanitarian organization to always remembered persons living with disabilities in everythings they do.