Celeb Danladi Foundation Takes Humanitarian Services To Jaba LGA  … Sets Up Computer Centre, Donates Items To Orphanage/Widows

Celeb Danladi Foundation Takes Humanitarian Services To Jaba LGA 
… Sets Up Computer Centre, Donates Items To Orphanage/Widows
Zainab Tanimu
Kaduna, North -West, Nigeria
Celeb Danladi Foundation in continuation of its humanitarian  services was in Jaba Local government Area of Kaduna state where it set up a computer centre in
Sambam to help better their lives.
Also was the donation of Beds, Mattresses, Rappers, Bags, Uniforms cash to Byabhyih Shezhi Dadu orphanage home as well as touching the lives of widows.
The founder of the Foundation, Capt. Celeb Danladi on Monday, 30th December, 2019, while donating the items to Byabhyih Shezhi orphanage home said the gesture was aimed at eradicating poverty and reducing rate of  crime in the various communities in Southern Kaduna. 
The vulnerable he said is the foundation’s area of focus.
“Why the Foundation is focusing toward Widows is that they’re the most vulnerable in the society. When their husbands die, they’re deprived of their husbands
properties and then they are not able to send their Children to School.
” The Foundation is trying to re -awaken and renew their hopes of achieving their dreams in life when they thought their dreams are already shattered.
“The Foundation is trying to assist those who cannot pay their Schools fees and give hope to the hopeless to ensure they have a better future,” Caleb noted.
” If you look at the crime rate in the Society today you will find out that Children of the widows are the ones perpetrating the crimes simply because they don’t have access to basic education.
He explained that the Foundation is trying to ensure that orphans do not only have
access to basic education but to also have knowledge about life to enable them remain focus, resilient and determined to achieving their dreams.
The Marine expert observed that, the poverty rate in Southern Kaduna region is extremely high, stressing most of the widows are living in abject poverty.
” I call on Southern Kaduna’s sons and daughters to return home and invest in the lives of the orphans and widows so that we
can have a better society, ” Caleb urges.
He disclosed that the Foundation in the year 2020 is going to select some number
of women to train them on Agriculture, sewing, threads and give them starter packs.
” We’re also focusing on training our Youth on computers so that they can be able to write jamb effectively, adding we want them to go to School and make a meaningful life in the society, ” He added.
The philanthropist added that the Foundation is fully funded from his own personal pocket without any international financial support from.
” I am just passionate about rendering humanitarian service to the downtrodden is from my personal salary that I remove part to run the NGO.”Caleb disclosed.
Rev. Mathias Yashim, Founder of ‘Hope Builders’ who was a guest speaker during the presentation of Computers set said,
hope builders is partnering Caleb Foundation to sensitise, train and empower some selected widows in the areas of sewing, Fashion, agriculture to make them self reliance.
” We must begin to teach people how to make money through small businesses to reduce the rate of poverty and crimes in our society.” Mathias added.