Nigeria Project should be completely restructured to eradicate the Ascendency of Ethnicity and Religion – Says, CNNC


Nigeria Project should be completely restructured to eradicate the Ascendency of Ethnicity and Religion – Says, CNNC

Zainab Tanimu – Kaduna, NIGERIA

Members of the Congress of Northern Nigeria Christians (CNNC) today Monday, have added their voice on issues bedeviling the nation and taken position on certain matters. This it said has become necessary in order to put some records straight.

The CNNC Media and Publicity Secretary, Larry Yammai disclosed this in a press conference held at the NUJ secretariat Kaduna.

Larry who was the spokesperson of the congress In a press statement signed and read on behalf of the group highlighted some arrears of concern which included herdsmen’s killings, the issue of re-structuring, allocation of appointments as well as that of insurgence which it said has taken a different dimension as targets now are directed to school children.

According to the statement, “the destruction project of Boko Haram is very much targeted at Christians”. They are therefore calling on Mr. President to take proactive action in bringing an end to the unfortunate saga recalling the recent incidence of the Dapchi school girls.

“CNNC notes with great concern the abduction of yet another set of school girls. While we rejoice that almost all the girls have been released, we are heavily saddened that our daughter, Miss Leah Sharibu is being held because of her faith. CNNC strongly condemns this evil tendency and urges Mr. President to as a matter of urgency intervene for the immediate release of this young girl”.

While appreciating the federal government’s efforts in seeking for the release of the Chibok girls, the CNNC demands with strong voice that the remaining girl and other victims be released. It observed that the detained terrorists are released in greater number in the name of de-radicalization while their captives are still being held.

The de-radicalization process put in place by the federal government to reform the Boko Haram detainees who are released after the exercise to go about their new trade like every other person in the society the CNNC had observed and noted,  “the confidence of Nigerians will be more enhanced if the process is made public in order that the public will confidently receive the Boko Haram graduates into the communities of Nigeria’

The statement further noted that the herdsmen killings are continuing on a daily basis across the Middle Belt region and parts of southern states of the country which raises questions on the minds of many as to whether such destructions were meant for particular group of people. It has called for Mr. President’s action on the wanton killings.

It said, the congress is not unaware of efforts and concern of Mr. Presidents over the wanton killings and devastating effects on the people. His visit to the warring areas it commended saying, it had helped to daunt the situation. It however pleaded to Mr. President to be humane on the issue by helping to find lasting solution to the problem.

The “CNNC commends and appreciates the recent visit of Mr. President to the affected states in which the killings were prevalent. The visit is bound to have a salutary effect on the people who have been devastated by the wanton killings. Sources of the deadly weapons should be checked with the aim of arresting those concerned”.

As to CNNC’s position, it abhors the thought of cattle colonies as being suggested saying, cattle business is a personal business which should be responsibility of its owner.

“Cattle business is a personal one and so owners of those businesses should take the options of ranching, paying for the land to be used just like people interested in farming buy lands to farm”.

Speaking on the issue of appointments which they have expressed some worries,   the group had called on the northern states government to look into the matter to ensure that equity prevails in employment practices.

Speaking on the issue, Professor Adamu Baikie has this to say.

“Without even mixing issues up, there is a federal character entrenched in our constitution. I don’t think it needs to be repeated that provision has to be followed religiously. And if it is not followed religiously, whoever is flouting it is causing trouble in the system that we run in this country”.

On Restructuring, the government has been commended for coming up with a position paper.

“CNNC notes with great relief that the party in power has taken the unprecedented stepof coming out with a position paper on restructuring. This is a most welcome move. It is the view of CNNC that Nigeria project should be completely restructured in such a way as to eradicate the ascendency of ethnicity and religion as the basis for administering the Nigeria project”.